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I was going to write a long post about how fucking tragic it is that America embraces lowest common denominator comedy but I think I nailed it with my early synopsis: Basically Jeff Dunham has a show where incredibly racist puppets do incredibly racist things. If he were actually funny, I wouldn’t be offended at all. It’s lazy comedy and it sucks.

I remember watching this guy in the 90’s when I was a kid and… yes, I admit I wanted to be a ventriloquist [dodges all the things you are throwing at my head place]. At the time he had his main fuzzy green monkey muppet, Peanut, and the jalapeno pepper-on-a-stick guy. When I was 11 the fact that the pepper character was sleepy and lazy and slow witted didn’t really register with me. Growing up in SE Texas the only Mexicans I knew about were cartoon mice with sombreros. The seeds of lazy racist comedy were there 15 years ago. Now his line up of co-starts consists of: Aforementioned green fuzz monkey guy, old guy, lazy mexican food stuff, black pimp with gold chains, dumb ass white redneck Nascar dude (psst… America, he’s making fun of YOU) and THE CORPSE OF A DEAD FUCKING MUSLIM TERRORIST! WTF!? I just… I have no idea.

It isn’t his racist, no-effort comedy that offends me. It’s the fact that it works; that America loves it. What a waste of LOLS.

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  1. Yeah I always thought he seemed like lazy hack of a comedian. I prefer my racist humor intelligent like David Cross or at the very least heavy handed and obvious like on the podcast 😉

  2. Great Comic, Joel. I think this isn't the 1st time here I've read "…slice of the delicious money cake" in yur comic. However, if any of Dunham's puppets are racist, it's Jose Jalapeno, Ahmed the dead terrorist, and maybe Walter and that puppet dressed like a pimp. Yeah, I & my family's watched all his Comedy Central specials and appearances on late night TV, bug whoop, wanna fight about it? Anyway, don't let Josh do this in real life, for the well-being of the community. His well-being, that's another matter.
    Best lines: "Just watching you do this is a hate crime." "Can you make him sing while you drink a glass of Drano?"

  3. I hope reading and enjoying this strip isn't a hate crime!
    I kinda want to say this strip is "delightfully racist", but I've already said that about Dumbo.


  4. I filled out your survey, but it ended up just making me depressed how much money I spend on games and online in general. But I have a feeling those numbers were also good for your survey, so I'm glad I could help 🙂

  5. I like the "how much have you spent online in the last year", and the highest range was "$1000 or more". I buy nearly everything I can on the internet. I didn't do the math but I'm pretty sure it easily comes out to several thousand a year. Not like I'm rolling in dough or anything, just that when you avoid stores that aren't the grocery store, you rack up a lot of online spending.

  6. As far as ventriloquists go, he's not THAT bad. I still won't watch him, but kudos to him for actually being able to scrape together a decent audience.

  7. I was seeing this guy pop up in the 90's. I watched his show once, thought "Gee that was neat…." and then I was done. Done. No more. And now he is being shoved down my throat every time I'm just trying to watch my South Park. It's time for some puppet justice.

  8. I actually liked his stand-up, but I can see how that wouldn't play nearly as well in skit form.

    But lets face it, Comedy Central thrives on cheap, fairly racist comedy… remember Mind of Mencia?

    • Hey, Mencia had a point – he called out idiots. Like when he called out a sign in a store that said "Open 7 days a week, Sundays too".

      It's like those people at work who call in and ask me, when with their metered internet plan they get 30 hours per month go on to ask me if those hours are for one day. And my boss doesn't like it when I inform them there are only 24 hrs in a day…I'm being rude….

  9. Wow that is a shame. I was just telling my wife how I used to watch this guy as a kid. I thought he was really funny back then… the whole Jalapeno on a stick was a crack up. I opted out of watching his special mostly because I forgot about it and was more interested in playing ODST but I'm glad I didn't see it now. Racism sucks and there's nothing worse than lazy fall back racism from comedians. Plus… it's just damn awkward.

  10. “Me send many daughter to orphanage! Me so Solly”
    I don’t get it! Is it a joke on one child policy in Mainland China?
    P.S- Twat was sooooo racist! Until the last panel!

  11. I'm glad I'm not the only person who hates this non-funny ass, especially with that
    Muslim skeleton! However, REALLY enjoyed the comic! (especially the SHUT IT DOWN! panel. 30 Rock maybe??)

  12. Wow. I was totally going to log in and debate you on Jeff Dunham, but then I went to youtube. The first skit I saw was the Dead Terrorist skit… My bad, you are right.

    I disagree about Mencia though. I love that guy! I saw him at RIT and he and Josh Blue did comedy for 2 hours and then an additional hour of Q&A for the college crowd. It was an amazing show and definately funnier than his TV show.

    The whole "Joke Stealing" thing is blown out of proportion… Hell, someone could say Penny Arcade stole one of your jokes about America's weird fetish with Vampires (you did Zombies, PA did mummies)

  13. I think I remember seeing him a long time ago on Star Search, so I had a weird nostalgia thing with him when I would watch his specials. However, back then, all he had was a 5-minute Peanut bit. Even adding Walter was alright, and was kind of funny, but he's REALLY reaching now, with the jalepeno, the pimp, and the dead terrorist. The first time I saw a commercial for one of his specials involving "Achmed", I was like "I'm done."

    If you want to understand who his audience is and why he's popular, watch the first couple minutes of his Christmas special. Wait for the part when he has Walter say "Its not happy holidays, its merry Christmas!" and listen for the roaring applause and hollering. Ugh…

    • You seem to imply that conservative Christians love Jeff Dunham I don't see why since Bubba Jay is a Conservative Christian and Jeff pretty regularly takes the piss on him.

  14. Thank you sooooo much!!!
    I have been arguing with friends just how offensive JD is for over a year. Nice to see someone I respect (first as a webcartoonist, and now across the board, as I read more of your blog posts) not only agrees with me, but can use humor to express this far better than I could with words.

    Oh, and yeah, I did the survey. Hope us doing this does help.

    Happy Halloween/Samhain!

  15. The Jalapeno has never well in everything I have seen been portrayed as lazy or slow witted. He has bantered intelligently with the other puppets and is more laid back than lazy. As for the dead Muslim terrorist. Uhm? Uh? Does that mean a puppet that is a dead English soldier from the American Revolution would be racist? He isn't presenting it as a dead Muslim terrorist honestly never even says Muslim in fact calls him the Dead Terrorist. Were Achmed a real person undoubtedly he would self identify as Muslim just like Westboro church self identifies as christian.

    In fact the only puppet played as a lazy dull idiot is Bubba J from Texas.

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