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Wil Wheaton and I got excited and made this “Fighting Time Lords” shirt for you! No, really. Specifically FOR YOU.

Gallifrey University Fighting Time Lords Shirt - Doctor Who parody, geeky tees, funny t-shirts,  nerdy shirts

[Since I was unable to make comics during Austin Comic Con, I am backdating a few lofi’s in the archive as not to interfere with the coming week’s comics. Please to enjoy.]

Most of the things HE Fancy Booth Babe James says in this comic are actual quotes. Somewhere along the way, he accidentally got pretty funny. I texted the thing about Kevin Sorbo to Wil, to which he replied “Lollerskates.” That’s about as high a seal of approval as a joke can ask for. I think James peed a little (a lot).

I do believe the next update will be a rather short Austin Comic Con fancy photo comic featuring my favorite cosplayer of the weekend. Feel free to guess the costume in the comments. Hints: I have never seen this costume done before (in 30 or so cons), it was executed perfectly and part of it glowed.

COMMENTERS: If you are a frequent con-goer, what costumes, activities, merchants, exhibitors, nachos, etc are you sick of seeing at every single show? What would you like to see more of? Personally, I am done with ill-fitting Starfleet uniforms, “free hugs” signs and artists that sit at their tables drawing, never looking up or making eye contact with anyone. I would like to see more well tailored Starfleet uniforms, alternative materials costumes (duck tape Bat Girl, paint swatch medieval knight, etc) and a Predator whose mandibles are mechanically articulated.

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  1. The Naruto cosplayers that are at EVERYTHING EVER, guy sailor moon (seriously you've been the con-goer's joke for decades now, how do you still think it's a good costume idea?!), and anyone who wears a revealing costume they don't have the figure for. (I'm looking at you 450lb spartan from 300.)

    • Many years ago, there was a con staff person who was challenged in a dare. If the charity auction made x amount of monies, he would attend the next year's con as Sailor Moon. He was large. This was a (still around) fan-run con in Dallas. I didn't attend the following year, so I didn't have the pleasure of the image. *whew*

  2. I will say, I watched Andromeda specifically for every character BUT Dylan (and sometimes Rev. Bem… he was backgroundish).

    I suppose I just like the costumes from stuff I know, so an infinite number of webcomics (I went as Agatha Heterodyne once, and I'm probably going to go as Rose Lalonde), an infinite number of Sci Fi shows (I could go as Sam Carter), and a very limited amount of manga (Winry/Hawkeye/General Armstrong). I'm probably one of the people who gets a few glances of recognition, but never has a standout costume. I will say, though, if it looks impressive (and isn't from Naruto. Sorry, but… yeah) I will probably be, well, impressed.

  3. I'm tired of seeing women in ill-fitting corsets (hint: the pillowtits look, as attractive as it is, means you're doing it wrong). Ladies, if you're gonna drop that much money on a corset, get one that FITS and befriend someone who can lace you into it properly!

  4. Anyone doing cosplay who doesn't look the part (at least a little) is just weird. While I'm sure it is adorable to see all of the girls running around in 11th Doctor costumes, the 6'6" dude dressed like him reminded me of my high school math teacher with a trash can on his head. And thanks for my comic with the Weeping Angel in Native American garb! I've gotten several laughs about it!

  5. Final Fantasy 7 cosplay. It's been done to death, yet it refuses to go away. I don't care how accurate the costume is, it loses every point for unoriginality. It plagues almost every single con out there, and people need to stop.

  6. I want to see a group nativity costume with the angel as a Weeping Angel and baby Jesus as a zombie. But that's just me.

    Also, funniest thing I've ever overheard at Dragon*Con was Sorbo saying to his handler, "What am I doing here?"

  7. I'd like to see some Nameless Ones. A Transcendent One costume would look awesome. Some Vault Boys would be good too.

  8. I'm kind of sick of seeing the TARDIS and Dalek dresses. The idea is awesome in its originality, but the spawns of copy cats make it less so.

  9. My more recent cosplays have been, in no particular order or defenition of recent, a "Shortpacked Staffer" @ GenCon, Xigbar @ Anime North / Gencon before the HK eBay costumes came out ……. 19th Century Noble from Hokaido .. man Gotti are hard to walk in at first … A Voyageur by the name of Blacque Jacque Chellacque ze roughest toughest voyageur to ev'er paddle von de Gaspe to 'Tunder'bai en back ……. Sasuke Uchiha before there was such a thing as a Narutard …. A certain Manga Detective wielding a Haunted spanner labeled U234 . A secondary character but fun……… FNANP and LI'L CUTHY dressed in matching outfits for a Hawaiian vacation …. LI'L CUTHY got most of the attention >_<

  10. I would like to see more personal hygene. I realize that sometimes, the pits get overlooked in the rush to squeeze into that Domo suit. But you have to realize that seven layers of carpeting will cause enough sweat to eat through deoderant like a Langolier. There is no shame in reapplication.

    • Otakon (here in Baltimore) has apparently added "lack of personal hygiene" to the list of reasons they will kick out out. Thank goodness for that.

    • Actually, the cons that I do [between Medieval Faires] I am usually vending and I sell items to help such olfactory clogging individuals,..I sell Scented Sea Salt Potpourri. I usually donate a few jars to the gaming area,..donate a few jars to the registration table,…and if I know the artist/author will usually donate a jar to them,..specifically to overcome the stank of con-goers. I also sell little leather bags to put the scented salt in so you can carry the scent with you around Con. Heck we even put on our business cards the slogan "We Fight the Funk".

    • One year @ FanimeCon in San Jose, two girls were walking around the con as "Deoderizers" or something and, if asked, would spritz you down with their Febreeze bottles. They got me as was leaving for my dorm room.

  11. Hm, I wonder who your favorite cosplayer of the weekend could be? My personal favorite was the guy dressed as Kilowog who couldn't keep his freaking head on! What's the point in dressing up when the head is the whole costume? Great meeting you!

  12. On the first day of Christmas
    my true love gave to me
    a well-tailored Starfleet uniform

    On the second day of Christmas
    my true love gave to me
    two duck tape Bat Girls
    and a well-tailored Starfleet uniform

    On the third day of Christmas
    my true love gave to me
    three sociable artists
    two duck tape Bat Girls
    and a well-tailored Starfleet uniform

    On the fourth day of Christmas
    my true love gave to me
    four free punches
    three sociable artists
    two duck tape Bat Girls
    and a well-tailored Starfleet uniform

    On the fifth day of Christmas
    my true love gave to me

    four free punches
    three sociable artists
    two duck tape Bat Girls
    and a well-tailored Starfleet uniform

    And so forth.

  13. I'd like to see more people taking chances on hated sci fi characters and films. Or maybe even costumes within costumes – like piling bad on bad. How awesome would it be to see someone dressed as Jar Jar Binks dressed as John Travolta's Terl?

    • I think the amount of unmittigated hate that costume could generate would cause an empathic storm so violent it would rip open a gateway to a dimension of pure fanrage.

  14. Thumb Up and Thumb Down of Cons-

    Up –
    I love seeing the kids in costume. Kinda hard to beat a baby dressed as the 11th Doctor with a plastic sonic screwdriver being used as a teething ring. I also like the people who actually seem not to care if anyone likes their costume,..the ones who dress up for themselves and not for others. People who dress up as obscure characters or older characters,… like the group who dressed up like the people in Ice Pirates [with the little rubber space herpe],.. or the guy dressed up like Freakazoid who was following the guy dressed as Joker [when Joker would look at people and say "Why so serious" the Freakazoid guy would "sorry thats not a serious look Jokey thats a mildly shocked and offended look,..did you forget your deodorant again". And yes I found out they knew each other so it was not a case of one con-goer trying toi ruin another con-goers schtick]

    I hate the ones who show up in Suit and Tie or Yuppie clothes and proudly announce to people every few minutes "I wanted to be the strangest dressed at the Con so I came as a useful member of society". The stereotypical drunken fratboy whose girlfriend is an Anime fan so felt he had to come to the con with her but will complain the whole time about the "freaks" and "nerds" [and yes I have seen this at multiple cons]. Basically my wrath is reserved for those who just ruin the Con for the other attendees,..simply put if you have to make others life rough to make yourself feel better please just stay home and forget going to Con.

  15. I don't go as often as I'd like to cons, but bored booth babes who aren't actually interested in the games they're promoting (or games at all, in the case of the NOS girls) need to go.

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