First Of All I Wanna Thank My Connect

NEW ITEMS: The book sale is going very well, by which I mean you have bought most of the books that I own for about what I paid for them, so I don’t have to burn them. Putting them in the hands of Fancy Bastards as opposed to destroying them is preferable. The ones I don’t own will be donated by Explosm to a charity that sends comics and books to soldiers. [UPDATE 01/29/15: BOOK 2 IS SOLD OUT!]

I did a fun podcast called Compulsory, which deals with makers and artists and why they’re compelled to do what they do. I got really exited and talked a bunch and only let the host ask 3 questions. Sorry if it sounds rambling, but I have a lot to say when someone asks me about my weird job.

Over the weekend my Patreon passed the $1750 milestone, so my new podcast “Potter & Daughter” will debut in February. You can learn more about it here.

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  1. I see a kindred spirit in Josh, I too take delight in crushing people's perception that I in any way care about them, their families, their hopes, dreams, beliefs or ideas about the world, unless I've already formed a bond with them. And I am incapable of forming bonds with other people.

  2. ***SO*** not even considering googling it. Or yahooing it, or binging it, or banging it, or whatever the smart kids do these days.

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