El Chivo Expiatorio

I am at Fan Expo Canada in Toronto right now with Blind Ferret and Randy Milholland of of Something*Positive at booth #844. More info HERE.

I sketched this comic on an airplane, I inked it at my friend Paul‘s house in Buffalo and I colored it at my new friend Andrew’s house in Toronto. And now I am sitting on the floor in Andew‘s hall posting it for you. What I’m saying is this comic has traveled across many states, time zones, altitudes and countries (two countries to be exact) in order to make your face do a not-mad kind of face. I hope it was worth it.

Despite being portrayed as a selfish monster in this comic, Josh IRL once gave me a $2000 Wacom Cintiq 21UX for my birthday just to celebrate the 4 year anniversary of the comic. Eli IRL gave me a 13″ Cintiq and a an iMac a year or so earlier also just to help me along with The Experiment. I’m lucky to have those guys in m life. Not for the money they spent, but for the belief they had in my endeavor to live an honest, fulfilled and creative life. FRIENDSHIP AMIRITE?!

COMMENTERS: What’s the nicest thing anyone ever did for you just to be a friend, wanting nothing in return? 


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They listened. Sometimes the best thing a true friend can do is sit there and listen and let you get things “off your chest” and then help you laugh when things are going Tango Uniform.
My friend didn’t vomit on me when we went binge drinking in Vancouver. That was nice.
I took up knitting in 2003 to a) honor a long tradition of skilled domestic crafting among the women in my family and b) keep my hands busy when I watched TV so I didn’t use them to shove food in my face. After I’d made a few things as was starting to design my own pieces rather than just working from patterns, my friend Anna Banana from Savannah went to Michael’s and bought me a really nice little organizer to hold all my bits and bobs for doing my wizardry I mean knitting. For the next several years, not a day went by when I didn’t need some tiny little item that I knew exactly where to get because it was in that organizer. Ten years later I don’t knit nearly as much as I used to, but to this day that organizer is one of the most useful things I own.
They all want something. No matter what, they all are after something…. 😛
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DuckAmuck · 95 weeks ago

A family member recently bought us a house.
Mostly just to be cool. And also for us to live.

There is a bit of “proving we’re worth it”, but that’s what WE bring to the party, not what the party is expecting us to bring.

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Miles · 95 weeks ago

V8 and Vodka alone does not a bloody Mary make. One needs Worchestershire sauce, but I prefer to use A1 instead, black pepper (though I use Cayenne), lemon juice, olive juice.

It turns out just fine for the purposes to which I use it; which is usually to be able to function the morning after a heavy drink and drink some more.

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Sorry, i deleted that bit from the post since it was accidentally copied and pasted from the previous comic’s post.
One time this nice guy named…something with a J…Jor-El? Something like that. He trekked me all the way through the bowels of ECCC to meet his other friend…Walter? Willow? Whatsit? Just so we could show him a silly thing I made.

It might have changed my life, and I might be forever grateful to whats-his-name.

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jeffcg · 95 weeks ago

Several years ago, my wife (girlfriend at the time) and I ran out of heating oil right at Thanksgiving, and it was a cold November. Our friend Patrick, without warning, stopped by and dropped off a very nice (not very combustible) space heater and wouldn’t take anything for it.
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Mads · 95 weeks ago

A three-day road trip from Vancouver to San Bernardino and back to have lunch with a friend, and give them a new VCR. One day to get from Vancouver to Sacramento, one day to get from Sacramento to San Bernardino, a couple hours for lunch, and back to Sacramento, and one day to get back from Sacramento to Vancouver.
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