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I will be at Fan Expo Canada in Toronto this weekend with Blind Ferret and Randy Milholland of of Something*Positive. I will be at booth #844. More info HERE.

I’m leaving for the airport in 5 hours. Perhaps I should pretend to sleep between now and then.

COMMENTERS: What’s the weirdest flavored alcohol or other drink have you ever tried? What drink concoctions were you certain would work, but ultimately failed? Which were the tastiest?

According to my friend, David, you cannot mix V-8 juice and vodka to make some sort of bastardized health conscious bloody Mary. I once, for lack of heavy half and half, mixed vodka, Kahlua and eggnog to make a holiday themed White Russian I called a St. Petersburg Christmas. I later found out I was not the first person to “invent” this drink, but that didn’t make it any less delicious.


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Greg · 95 weeks ago

Can your wife do Sugar Crush jewellery? My wife is addicted to that game.
Half Pineapple juice, half vodka….we called it “boat gas”. I seem to remember drinking it out of a jerrycan.

Crown Royal and root beer. A bit too sweet for most, but I like it.

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bix · 95 weeks ago

You can make a “pineapple upside down cake” with cake-flavoured vodka, pineapple juice, and some club soda — one of the most delicious drinks I’ve ever had.
I just love the name. I’d drink anything you called “boat gas.”
Manhattans made with Southern Comfort. Awful!
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Dan · 95 weeks ago

My friends and I found an internet recipe for Pan-Galactic Gargleblasters. It was 16 ounces of alcohol and 2 ounces of Gatorade (I assume you’re supposed to use lemon Gatorade, for the twist of lemon). It’s bad. It was like doing a terrible, terrible tequila shot (the Jose Cuervo overwhelmed all other flavours despite being only 25% of the alcohol) and knowing that you have 17 more terrible shots left to go. It is the worst thing we’ve ever done. Twice. And there’s talk of round three.
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Waldon Best · 95 weeks ago

Whiskey and diet iced tea. Worst mistake of my life, right above bear hunting wearing my steak meat necklace.
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Crotalus · 95 weeks ago

Mix 1 shot Jagermeister, 1 shot Barenjager or Krupnik, and 1 12oz. can of Moxie. I call it a Jagermonster. (apologies to Phil & Kaja Foglio).
And now I have Cream’s “Strange Brew” stuck in my head without having to get the CD out. This will keep me placated for a few hours. Thanks Joel 🙂
To your question: The Molotov Cocktail – 3/4 of a shot of vodka, 1/4 shot of Frank’s Extra Red Hot, Three dashes of Frostbite hot sauce (flavorless but burns like crazy) and garnished with Morton’s Hot Salt. You feel it going down, and then feel it about 2 days later, screaming out of you like a cruise missile.

I also had a college friend who would do a “Chumbawamba” – in a large mug, a bottle of lager, a bottle of cider (his usual was Woodchuck Granny Smith), 2 shots of vodka and 2 shots of whiskey.

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Ali · 95 weeks ago

Root beer and Bailey’s.

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One time I was tricked into drinking rootbeer and whipped cream vodka.
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jake · 95 weeks ago

This isn’t about a drink per se, but my sister lived in Wisconsin for a while and at one point brought back alcohol laced whipped cream for one of her family visits. Now mind you, we live in the glorious vice-hating state of Pennsylvania, and as we are all puritans we have the country’s largest monopoly in the form of the Liquor Control Board (PLCV). Suffices to say that the concept of alcohol laced whipped cream probably keeps the chairman of the PLCB up at night in a cold sweat. Regrettably, after having tried it I decided that there was a very good reason the chairman banned it from our halls of sin. It had the consistency of shaving cream, the aroma of cake vodka and dispensed with a combustible cloud of everclear and rubbing alcohol. Incidentally, one should probably not trust a “cream” product that has (in very large lettering) DO NOT REFRIGERATE on the container.

Live, learn, move on to other booze.

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dustwindbun · 95 weeks ago

My sorority threw a party one time. We were a small service group, so it was all bring your own, and they had juice and pop to mix. So, I grabbed what I had on hand, being a nerd who had only just turned 21 and didn’t do any underage drinking, which was amaretto, cherry Pucker, and creme de cassis (I was a French major). Long story short, we ended up with a brown ominous-looking drink we named The Sludge: amaretto, cherry Pucker, orange juice, and Sprite (we were too scared to put in the cassis at that point). It was, surprisingly, a lot better than it looked. Kind of like an amaretto stone sour with grenadine added for extra sweetness. Though I don’t think I’d make it on purpose again.

Oh btw, Mike, above, with the “boat gas” – that, or swap out rum for vodka, is my mom’s favorite drink to make at home, because it’s simple and pineappley. Sometimes we throw some cranberry juice on top.

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James · 95 weeks ago

There’s a scene in “The Room” where Lisa and Johnny drink a half scotch, half vodka cocktail that my friends and I call the Tommy Wisseau. It is really bad.

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The toast should be, “Oh hi, Mark!”
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{CB}Marsupial Vomit · 95 weeks ago

We used to drink Kentucky Panzers
It’s like a Jack and Coke, but we used A&W Root Beer and Jim Beam, with a dash of root beer schnapps.
It didn’t taste like alcohol. Nor did it feel like it until you got through the third or fourth one, and it ran you over like a tank.
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Sonia · 95 weeks ago

I did not invent this but it’s Rum and rootbeer…they call it a Rumbeer and it’s surprisingly good

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Try a Dark and Stormy. Rum and Ginger Beer. Or was it gin? Either way it was delicious.
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Aetheling · 95 weeks ago

It’s ginger beer, and they are fantastic. And I hate rum!
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Crotalus · 94 weeks ago

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Dan · 95 weeks ago

We here in Canada have clearly gone crazy for flavoured vodkas. Cake vodka is awesome and delicious, but I learned the hard way that you can never, ever mix the vodkas. Cake vodka and whipped cream vodka will just cancel each other out, and the shot just tastes like vodka.

What I really like is the Mass Effect tribute cocktail, the Keelah Se’Lemonade. Vodka, Parfait Amour, Mandarin Liqueur (or equivalent, I use Golden Pear), lemonade to fill. Tasty.

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Liam · 95 weeks ago

I have mixed root beer and butterscotch schnapps together and I’ve also mixed sweet tea and malt liquor together.
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Mitch · 95 weeks ago

I’m not sure this qualifies, but in my youth I would mix copious amounts of Hershey’s chocolate syrup with Mountain Dew.

I found it delicious, but haven’t been brave enough to try it again.

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MrPlow99 · 95 weeks ago

There’s a drink that friends of mine make called “Skip And Go Naked.” It consists of:
– bottle of cheap vodka
– 30-pack of Keystone Light
– Country Time pink lemonade mix

It sounds terrible, but it’s surprisingly not half bad.

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Chaucer59 · 95 weeks ago

Back in 1979, the fast-attack sub I was assigned to went on out to wait in the Gulf if Oman while the politicians decided what not to do about the hostages held in Tehran. While we were out bobbing along with the seagulls, one of our chiefs decided to try out his new wine-making kit. He made wine with cherry juice, apple juice, cranberry juice, and kept sending the results of his experiments back to engineering. After three days, the entire nuclear plant operations crew (except the engineer, one Mormon engineman, and a hardcore Evangelist junior officer) were sloshed. Then the experiments got weird. First, Steely Adam notwithstanding, grapefruit wine is a bad idea. Pineapple juice wine is even worse (I swear you could watch it eating through ceramic mugs.

The worst, however, was bug juice wine. Bug juice is some generic brand of sweetened Kool-aid knockoff–lime flavored (well, green food coloring-flavored anyway). The four poor bastards who drank the bug juice wine were drunk for three more days, and had to have their stomachs pumped.

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You lived BSG. That’s fucking fantastic.
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Jeff W. · 95 weeks ago

Two flavored beers that I tried this year Redd’s Apple Ale and Bud Light Lime Straw-Ber-Rita were two of the worst concoctions I have ever had.

I tried the Ber-Rita at a restaurant, because I have a great recipe for a beer based margarita and I love Pete’s Strawberry Blonde, so what could go wrong?

Since I had bought a six-pack of the Redd’s I felt obligated to drink it. After the second one I had more than a passing notion about giving-up drinking. Getting some real beer into me brought me back to my senses.

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Redd’s is an ale, not a beer. There are no hops in it.

I actually like Redd’s, but that Straw-ber-rita is horrible. I tried it and the Lime-erita a few weeks ago because they were $1 each….big mistake. Both tasted like something I would use to clean my toilet. ICK.

I think got a hangover from reading this thread. Gah.

When I was vegan, I decided to make a bastardized White Russian using vodka, Kahlua, and flavored coffee creamer. While quite tasty on an occasional evening, I do not recommend it on nights where one is determined to drink to excess. Nor do I recommend drinking it when you’re also doing shots of high quality rum when playing poker and drinking champagne. One of the very few times I’ve ever gotten sick when drinking was on that night. Too much sugar!!!!

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seriously · 95 weeks ago

What’s the weirdest flavored alcohol or other drink have you ever tried?

An ill-advised cocktail a buddy made which he dubbed a “monkey’s ass”. It was equal parts Bailey’s and Yoo Hoo, mixed with the cheapest gin and vodka you could stomach.
It actually tasted better on the way up for some reason.

What drink concoctions were you certain would work, but ultimately failed?

When my brother was into skating he and his buddies would chip in and get a case of Jolt cola and a bottle of Bacardi to mix up “Party fuel”. Despite being basically a rum and coke it tasted nasty as hell. It got you drunk, but it still tasted nasty.

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Aetheling · 95 weeks ago

A bar in York UK where I live used to do something called the HellShot. Whilst not weird per se, it was a one way trip to cirrhosis. 89% Balkan vodka, the sort of stuff that Serbian tank crews clean the main gun barrel with, and a blend of absinthe including an 85% one direct from Prague. The effects of this drink were…awful. I woke up on top of the the city walls at four in the morning with a headache the size of Scotland and an inability to talk, laugh, or even walk properly. It got banned a few years ago, alas.
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PowersOfAnOrdinary · 95 weeks ago

I made a cocktail out of equal parts pineapple juice, tequila, and beer, with a slice of jalapeno. It has a surprisingly delicious and complex flavor. I, of course, named it the Hate-Filled Pineapple.

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I was with you until the beer. I do love the name though.
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Hielario · 95 weeks ago

The weirdest flavored acohol?

Some german pear liquor my mom bought once. I tried it once… imagine someone gets one of those enormous pears that are 50 % vater, and then it shoves it brutally into your mouth without asking. That’s how it tastes.

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Sandy · 95 weeks ago

Worst drink, bacon vodka. Hands down worst. Wierdest was an co-invention called the flaming gummyworm. A layerd shot of midori, goldschlager, and galliano with a 151 float. Light, toast, blow out and down it. Under no circumstances make it bigger than a shot.
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Candace · 95 weeks ago

The weirdest flavored alcohol I’ve ever had was a lavender-infused liqueur from Provence. It was very weird, and not in a good way. It eventually got discarded unfinished, because it was basically like drinking perfume. If you’ve ever tasted perfume, either accidentally or on purpose, you know what I mean.
When I was young we had family friend who worked for a marketing company and he’d bring over promotional products his firm was working on sometimes, to get our take on them. One time he brought over Mrs. Fields Brand Chocolate Chip Cookie Soda and apologetically asked us to try it. We cracked open a can and pored it over ice and each had a swallow. Well, it did taste just like a mrs. Fields cookie, but cookies should not be cold, liquid, and fizzy. They got the flavor right, but it was awful in a weird way. They never released it officially. A wise choice.
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Nechie · 95 weeks ago

Sapin liqueur made out of young sproutsof firs, it tastes as weird as it sounds.
I love V-8 based Bloody Marys. So much better tasting and better for you than plain old tomato juice based Bloody Marys. I recently found out that it’s actually called an 8 Ball.
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H.S. · 95 weeks ago

Passoã (passion fruit liqueur) and chocolate/mint vodka, 50/50 in a shot. Discovered on a “what strange stuff from the bar can we mix”-night. Surprisingly good, was coined as Dark Passion on the night.
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Adam D. · 95 weeks ago

My college roommate regularly drank SoCo and Mountain Dew… I wouldn’t know what to call it other than fucking disgusting…


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Jason · 95 weeks ago

Not to be all whatever about it, but one time I drank Vodka through a Twinkie straw……

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This never happened.
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