Concerning Camels’ Backs And Straws Thereupon

Following up on this comic and wrapping up this storyline in the next couple of comics. Then… big changes for HE.


I will be participating in this Bumbershoot panel series this weekend!

My bit is:
Sat 31 Aug 2pm
Seattle, WA
The Leo K Theater
155 Mercer Street Seattle WA 98109
2nd and Mercer in the Seattle Center
[Ticket Info here]

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lightsaber necklace and earrings

COMMENTERS: Have you ever had a friend or roommate that took one too many liberties with your stuff, your privacy, or your space?

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KWCarlson35 · 94 weeks ago

Nice, I like the focus effects in panels 4 and 5.

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I was just about to say that. It’s very animation like. I love the attention to details like that!
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Candace · 94 weeks ago

Yeah, awesome comic today, Joel!
The Bluray for Wrath of Khan is out?? Awesome!
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seriously · 94 weeks ago

Have you ever had a friend or roommate that took one too many liberties with your stuff, your privacy, or your space?

Yes, oh my God yes. Renny (who my friends know as TWRE The Worst Roommate Ever) thought nothing of helping himself to anything of mine and using/consuming it all.

Occasionally eat the last Nutter Butter? Fine, that doesn’t bother me. But Renny damn near tackled me whenever I came back from the grocery store and ransacked the bags before I was done getting stuff out of the car.

The man NEVER bought anything on his own, or offered to pay me back for what he took, and when I finally confronted him about it, he blamed it all on his family.

He was the youngest of seven, so if he ever wanted anything at home he had to take it and use/eat it before his brothers or sisters took it from him. Which sounded downright heartbreaking (and a little fucked up) but as it turns out was totally bullshit.

One day his mom came over while he was out and I asked her how bad Renny had it growing up in such a way. Yeah, Renny’s dad was some kind of mega rich doctor, and his mom used to be a college professor who made shitloads of dough giving speeches.

He had two little sisters, and never had to want for anything as a kid.

Renny found a new place to live shortly after that.

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Hielario · 94 weeks ago

My mates at college did some ridiculous things to my own room. The worst thing was once that i forgot to lock the door after going out and, at my return, I found a shopping cart thrown on my bed, and newspapers and ketchup everywhere.

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Candace · 94 weeks ago

That’s pretty crazy.
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Hielario · 94 weeks ago

And they did that one while sober. When they were drunk they were worse, but the shopping cart was just the craziest.
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Candace · 94 weeks ago

I had a roommate in college who liked to rearrange the furniture in our dorm room while I was out – without even warning me in advance. The straw that broke the camel’s back was when I came in really late one night (technically morning), and she was already in bed asleep with the lights out. Stupid me, trying to be polite and not disturb her by turning the overhead light on, and thinking that I knew where everything in the room was, tried to navigate to the sink in the dark to turn on the somewhat less obnoxious light over the sink.

Being an incorrigible barefooter, I had already kicked my shoes off at the door, and was on my way to the sink when I kicked something really hard that wasn’t supposed to be there. It turned out to be my bed leg. It hurt like a motherfucker, and I yelled loudly enough to wake up not only my roommate, but probably everyone in that entire wing of the dorm. When I went to the sports doctor on campus the next day, it turned out I had broken a toe. That was the one and only time in my life I have ever broken a bone. All because of my stupid roommate rearranging the stupid furniture while I was out.

Needless to say, from that point forward, whenever I came in after dark and the lights were out, I flipped the switch by the door that turned on the obnoxious overhead light, so I could see where the furniture had been moved to this time. Courtesy was dead.

oh, I sense this isn’t going to end well for somebody….a murdered person on the way….and then his phone and tech stolen so no one can use his geekiness for evil again?

I never got into hacking…life is simpler that way. Use the Force of Geek for Good!

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UnderTheDark · 94 weeks ago

Well, it HAS been a while since Josh was killed in a totally-gruesome-yet-justified manner…
A really long time actually.
Wait….. _big_changes_ for HE?!? /me is nervous now 🙁

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Don’t worry. It’s all good things.
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Neph Sy · 94 weeks ago

Hey, I noticed that Hijinks Ensue joined in with other comics like Girls with Slingshots, Eerie Cuties, etc.(through Hiveworks??)
Just wanted you to know that when I click on the Hijinks drawing, the LINK ISN’T WORKING to HijinksEnsue.
Google Chrome message is Oops Google Chrome could not find http. Did you mean (this is a link that connect to your site).

Firefox message is: Firefox can’t find the server at http.

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They must’ve fixed it. I went back to the HE main page when I clicked it
Im guessing for a while there was no www. or http:// in the link. Seems to work now.
I’ll be so upset like him!
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Candace · 94 weeks ago

Huh, I attempted to post a pretty good annoying roommate story on here, but it doesn’t ever seem to have appeared.

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I’ll check the ones that were mistakenly flagged as spam.
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bionelly · 94 weeks ago

Not exactly a roommate or friend, but once when I was a kid, after we moved into a new house, the realtor kept a set of keys without telling us so that she could let herself into the house when we weren’t around (which she did, several times.) Keep in mind this was after we had bought the house and moved in, so she had no legitimate reason to have anything to do with the house anymore. Luckily she didn’t steal anything or truly mess anything up, but it was still kinda creepy, especially since she honestly didn’t seem to understand why we were upset when we found out.
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Alex · 93 weeks ago

When I was in college I had a roommate who was a wanna-be rapper (and not a good one.) Needless to say, this meant that at all hours of the night he would be in the living room of our tiny apartment (which did not have thick walls), headphones adorned, rapping along with his favorite rappers at ungodly volume levels because he couldn’t hear himself speaking over his already loud headphones. One night our other roommate got so fed up with him that I awoke to yelling in our living room and the wanna-be rapper kid threatening to “take him out.” Now note, this kid was a scrawny little kid from the suburbs of Palo Alto while my other roommate was a weight lifter from Hawaii with arms thicker than the base of a streetlight…so it probably wouldn’t have ended well for the kid if he had actually stayed to follow up with his claims >.<

I also recall another roommate of mine while I attended military school who felt it necessary to play his electric guitar in the middle of the night while I was asleep on the top bunk…now granted, he couldn’t turn it up too loud without having one of the TAC officers swing by, but it’s still impossible to sleep when you have horrible distorted chunking on a PA speaker 6 feet away from your head

Guess I have a knack for finding roommates who can’t sleep? Glad I’m engaged with a house of our own now…sheesh

Sharing a bedroom with a younger brother. Yes, constantly. It was the way of my adolescent life.
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