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The only thing I know for sure about Twilight: Breaking Dawn is that the director own’s one of my Team Edward shirts, because his partner bought it for him at Comic-Con this year. He was a nice guy (the partner, never met the director) and apparently he bought most of the BSG props when they went up for auction. I’m talking hatch doors, the CIC table, the phones, the computers, everything. So that’s pretty neat.

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COMMENTERS: What scene in any movie has really surprised you with how uncomfortable it made you feel? Doesn’t have to be horror or gore. Just anything that was completely out of place, over the top or beyond the boundaries established earlier in the film.

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  1. the biggest surprise uncomfortable scene I can think of in a movie was the scene in Wild Side where Walken rapes his limo driver. Definitely the weirdest Walken moment I ever saw in a movie too. And the leadup to the scene is dragged out, with lots of Walken's over the top acting style.

    I've seen movies with more disturbing scenes, but those movies all tend to telegraph the sort of things to expect. The killings in Se7en, and Sam Neill scooping his eyes out weren't all that unexpected.

  2. How is it that a crappy series like Twilight has become a hugely successful movie franchise making hundreds of millions of dollars at the box office while awesome series like Legacy of Kain and Vampire: The Masquerade/Requiem are practically unknown to the mainstream?

    • The way I see the Twilight fad is this.
      It's nothing but bad, cliche fan-fic. it may not be technically "based on" anything specific (other then Mormon ideas, and vampire sex appeal), but it's still very much the same type of writing and indulgent fantasy fulfillment that is fan-fiction.
      But THIS cheesy vampire fan-fic actually got published, and so reached a mainstream audience of people who have no idea what fan-fic is, have never seen/read it before, so this style of cheap, indulgent ,fantasy fulfillment story is completely new to them.
      SO why Twilight instead of the ones mentioned in your post? Because it's like junk food, easy, cheap and there. A mindless wish fulfillment story, where as those other vampire books are actually BOOKS, and would require some actual thought or "effort" to read and follow the story. Plus it comes with the "everyone else is reading it, so I have to too" thinking that spares people having to even go to the effort of choosing a book themselves.

      What shocks me is that the mainstream fans actually stayed with the series after the truly F**ked up crap in the end of the books (like the sceen in the comic, and the {SPOILER} werewolf being in love with her unborn child, etc). I thought for sure the movie series would pretend the final parts of the books just never happened.
      I was really creeped out by these stories, and I only even read an online story recap of the books out of morbid curiosity.

      • But you can't live off of junk food. You'd think that those Twilight fans would have moved onto something more substantive but instead they've only become obsessed over Twilight.

    • Because Legacy of Kain and the World of Darkness are good, they have depth and are full of well developed plot lines, Twilight is a simple and easy to follow, so simpletons well like do to it not making them feel dumb.

  3. I think the most disturbing scene in a movie I saw recently was the pencil in the eye scene from The Dark Knight. Of course, I was 1/2 asleep when I saw that in the theater, so that might be part of it.

  4. I miss "B" only she, understand the use of a stake and how to apply it to to a vamp. Too bad she disappeared off screen circa 2003, We miss you josh.

  5. The pie eating contest in Stand By Me. I don't think it's a bad scene, and I don't necessarily believe it is a scene that doesn't belong in the film. The first time I watched it though I was completely unprepared for that turn of events. Haha. I love that movie, and I've seen it easily 40 times over the course of my life, but I still feel sick every single time the excessive vomiting ensues.

  6. I think the most out of place uncomfortable scene was from a crappy D rated horror film named Automaton Transfusion. It's a sub-par zombie movie with some generic kills, until half way through the movie when punches a preggers woman in the gut, rips out the unborn fetus, and takes a bite out of it. Probably one of the most ridiculously graphic things I've seen.

    I'm afraid to put a link up.

  7. In Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull, the image of Indy watching the mushroom cloud. I grew up when the Cold War was scary, and the mushroom cloud is strong symbolism. It was an extraordinarily bleak and powerful moment – an aging hero made obsolete by merciless, impersonal destruction. The image said to me: there is no longer any room in the world for action heroes with battered hats and bullwhips, it's moved past that.

    I find it particularly remarkable given that it seems to have been unintentional on the part of the filmmakers.

  8. The…um…"rapey" stairway sex scene between Viggo Mortenson's and Maria Bello's characters in "A History of Violence". I was not prepared for that particular movie to go there. To make matters worse my husband and I were watching it with another couple that we didn't know all that well at the time. AWKWARD.

  9. The awkward kitchen counter sex scene between the parents in "The Orphan" A movie I am ashamed to say i paid to see. Another one was the weird awkward sex/rape scene in the movie splice when the now male creature rapes his own mother after having sex with his father when he was a she. Yes another winner….

    • we saw The Orphan at the drive in which is the only reason i dont regret paying for it. Pretty much any movie is tolerable at the drive in.

      • Bored by the movie? Switch the radio to your favorite station. Ta-da! All new movie. You might even discover the next Dark Side Of The Moon/Wizard Of Oz phenomenon. I hear Twilight synchs up perfectly with Metal Machine Music…

  10. The last quarter or so of "Audition." The movie comes at you like a slightly creepy romantic film, and then it's… not. So totally not. I remember stopping the DVD so I could go out, have a cigarette, and steel myself for the rest of it.

  11. The out-of-the-blue 'tree rape scene' in Evil Dead 1. It's just, what? Possession, swallow your soul, fine, but where'd this even come from?

    • Because if you're just watching the movie, there's no context for it to be weird and creepy. Yes *now* we all know that they're {spoiler} brother and sister, but if you saw the movies in the order FSM intended, the actual moment is completely natural. It's only weird and creepy when you finally get the context in the next movie (and even then, it's not like they knew they were sibs when it happened — not like the make-out scene in Eurotrip. Worst. Twins. Ever.).

  12. In get him to the greek the awkward 3 some scene was just weird. The movie was fine up until that point and I didn't enjoy it at all once that scene hit. It was just terrible and screwed up the whole movie.

  13. The movie Dogtooth. All of it.

    But European disturb-a-cinema aside, I always wanted Eli Roth to direct the Twilight: This Happens When You Have Sex (Even You're Married). 18-year old girl giving births while her hubby is literally eating her? That should be right up Mr. Roth's nasty bloodstained alley of slaughterhouses and torture chambers.

    • But it's obvious the tone that movie is going for, from the start. It's not like the ending comes out of left field: the movie has been spiraling toward it the entire time.

      It's personally one of my favorite movies… I watch it all the time.

  14. The first two minutes of Up.

    What the hell, Pixar. What the hell. Why'd I have to watch a montage of a little girl's dreams slowly being shattered one by one as she journeyed through adulthood? Infertility, an inability to save enough money for a single vacation in her lifetime, a heart attack, and eventually death. Seriously? After that I'm stuck with a hair-trigger for crying for the rest of the movie.

        • You might have to be in a long-term relationship. If you are and you still didn't weep like a little girl, you might be a robot. I think you can robot tests over the counter these days.

          • Oh man, I cried like a baby, and my big tough husband got all choked up…

            It reminds me of that Louis CK bit, where he talks about marriage, and how, even if your marriage goes well, the best you can hope for is to have to watch them die and then die alone. Man, now I'm sad.

  15. The only one that I can remember right now is Zombi. I refer to the scene wherein said friendly zombie is smashing through the door to partake of the lovely brains of some girl in her underpants. The splinter in the eye. *squicksquickeyescreams*

    I was severly hung over when I watched that, so mayhap that had a bit to do with it. Bluh.

  16. The entirety of A Serbian Film. You can't unwatch that shit! Also, since this whole thread was started by talking about birth scenes, I have to give an honorable mention to the birth scene in Knocked Up. Did not need to actually see the baby crowning. Really did not need to see that.

    • Just reading the Wikipedia entry for that movie game me the creeps. Not sure if it's still the same as it was months ago when I did it — I'm not going to go scan it again to find out — but even though it was choppy and poorly written and not that graphic, I was freaked out. I'm also a wuss but I think, at least in this case, the ick is justified.

  17. The childbirth scene in Knocked Up, where they actually show the baby's head crowning. I had deliberately managed, even through numerous sex ed classes and 3 childbirths of my own to avoid actually witnessing a baby coming out of lady parts. Now I cannot scrub my brain. And dude, it's (supposed to be) a comedy — WTF with the graphic medical shots?!?! Not. Okay.

  18. Mine aren't so much unexpected as just scarring. In high school senior health (all of 17 years old) having to watch a video of not one, not two, but three different women giving birth, from 1 minute apart contractions to afterbirth. You can't unsee the crowning, the tearing, the episiotomy (there's a reason that word is seared into my brain like hot iron to a steer's ass), the endless screaming. Best. Birth Control. Ever.
    The other is in "Hobo with a Shotgun", the scene that stuck with me worst was the three topless stripper girls playing "Pinata" with bats on a guy hanging upside down…no more Mexican birthday parties for me.

    • Speaking of fun Mexican movies…try "El Topo" for the most disturbing "wheelbarrow" scene I'd ever laid eyes on. Won a Smithee Award or two at Origins, that did.

  19. I've gotta go with the sex scenes in 'A History of Violence'. Not sexy at all. Just massively uncomfortable…
    … but the Australian film 'Bad Boy Buddy' was much worse. Watch it and see what I mean.

  20. In Monster, that rape/attempted-murder.
    I know many survivors and I try to avoid rape-promotion in movies and stuff because it totally guts me anyway, and this one was particularly brutal. Mad props to the director though – unlike so many others, they did not make the rape "sexy" or eroticised. It was horrific for any viewer (… I hope). The movie also pays respect to sex workers and homosexuals, two often berated and disliked minorities.

  21. Quills. The death of the main character. Not the least bit graphic, but something about it disturbed my sleep for days afterwards. I think it was worse because it was off screen; your imagination fills in all the things that could be happening, rather than just being shown one thing.

  22. As a kid, the banquet scene in Temple of Doom always freaked me out. Later in life a Vietnamese friend told me that his village serves monkey brains as a delicacy. (And the monkey is… well, extremely "fresh" if you get my drift.)

    The kind of meal that makes God cry and Billy-Bob Thornton excited.

  23. Basically the entire movie "Hard Candy" though if I had to pick a particular scene it would be the castration scene. The entire movie was uncomfortable for me though because I hated Ellen Page's character so much that it actually put me on the side of Patrick Wilson's character… and that is not a side I ever want to be on. Ever.

  24. While I agree with many of the above, my personal vote for the "Lil Bit Too Much" Award still has to go to the South Park movie.
    I know, it's South Park, and I should expect it… but even watching it now, it's still just a Lil Bit Too Much.
    Mainly the Saddam Hussein/Satan in bed scenes. Big floppy dildos out of nowhere. The lights go out and we hear "Ooh, ooh." Unnecessary. Lil bit too much.

    But the most uncomfortable I've ever been during a movie was in The Descent. None of the monster scenes… the scene where the gal gets stuck. I literally couldn't breathe the entire time the gal was stuck. It was awful. After that, the monsters were refreshing.

  25. Has anyone in the Austin area seen "Twilight" and "Twilight 2: When will it end already?" done with Master Pancake Theatre at the Alamo Drafthouse? I think this is the only way to see these movies and still keep your soul intact. Also, hilarious.

  26. My boyfriend just watched the trailer for the original Human Centipede from his phone in bed last night — and even though I didn't really watch it completely, it did not really show anything, and I already knew everything that it was about — I still couldn't scream 'turn it off, turn it off' hard enough.

  27. Two scenes from movies I no longer remember… One was one of those movies about boys and dogs that are supposed to be heartwarming but at one point someone takes an ax to the gut and pleads with his erstwhile enemy to "Take it out of me, please." Then, in Italian class, we watched a dramatization of that old story about the man who pretended to be a deaf-mute gardener in a nunnery so he could sex all the nuns and they wouldn't worry about him telling anyone – there is a shot of the guy's cock, and it is just the ugliest member, it had spots and it was weirdly glistening and just… oh god, and it TWITCHED. Thanks, Italy, for giving me that experience IN SCHOOL.

  28. The gang rape in the tv-two parter Men Only. One of the men was Martin 'Dr. Watson' 'Bilbo' 'cute naked guy from Love Actually' Freeman. It was so upsetting and uncomfortable I covered my ears and eyes for almost the entire scene. Extra uncomfortableness was added by the fact that the victim plays hs girlfriend in Sherlock.

    Still feel a bit sick thinking about it.

  29. The scene between Harry and Hermoine in The Deathly Hallows Pt 1. For some reason that whole scene where Ron has that vision of them really skeeved me out and made me uncomfortable. Maybe it's cause I watched them grow up over the years on the screen, but it just really made me feel gross.

  30. Keeping with the undead baby motif, the zombie baby from the "Dawn of the Dead" remake. I let the lil girl Zombie slide but the baby was just too much. I think it disturbs me more now because i'm a father and when he let that thing be "born" i always register it as a parenting fail.

  31. The books may have gotten people into reading like Potter, but at least Potter got them to use their imaginations on the nature of magic and stuff. And not the art of manipulation and self loathing/

  32. Aww cmon, not one vote for the KING of all disturbing movies, Deliverance? "SQUEAL LIKE A PIG", still sends shivers down my spine! I also think The Elephant Man was also disturbing but in a completely different way.

  33. The rape and murder in the very beginning of From Dusk Till Dawn was strangely the MOST uncomfortable part of a movie filled with evil and gore and over the top shit. Just gave me the heeblies. To this DAY I can't stand to see Tarintino in any of his movies, I just keep calling back to that character

    • The victim was his acting teacher, doesn't that make it more creepy somehow? That's the weirdest part about Tarantino movies, the massive tonal shifts and I agree. That scene was just horrifying.

  34. Mine goes to 300's Queen Gorgo doing that Spartan traitor in order to let her speak in the Assembly. [shudder] Makes his eventual stabbing at her hand all the more justified. Oh also, what happened to Evie in V for Vendatta. Ho. Ly. SHIT.

  35. Hey, so, remember that girl on twitter who commented on a Weregeek comic identifying all the different comic authors but you, was informed who you were, went off to start reading your comic, and now, months later, after a virus and losing her tabs, forgetting about the comic, remembering, and coming back again, she's caught up? No?

    I like your comic. >.>

    • I feel like we just time traveled together.

      I recommend Xmarks for saving your bookmarks to the cloud. Never lose them again.

      Also Googlereader for RSS type comic browsing.

  36. First of all, this comic is histerical.

    Secondly, I was not prepared for the rape scene(s) in The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, so that was kind of upsetting to me.

  37. The scene in the movie mirrors where the woman is in the bathtub and gets her jaw ripped open and then it's just hanging there by some skin. The whole movie freaked me out but that scene REALLY freaked me out.

  38. The Road, incredibly great film. Couldn't watch it. It was too good at portraying a apocalpse and now all other post-apocalyptic films feel like their comedies about the holocaust. Well, not exactly, but you get the picture.

  39. The eyeball-cutting scene in Un Chien Andalu is the most disturbing cinema moment for me. It was unexpected, and the age of the film made me completely not think it was special effects. Saw it in Art History class.

  40. "Black Hawk Down," when the one guy is fishing in the other guy's leg for his femoral artery so he can clamp it off and save him. Yeah, I'm not going to be a surgeon.

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