Don’t Fuck This Up, America

Alright, America, if this comic doesn’t set things straight once and for all then I’ve lost all hope in you. Do you want me to spell it out? You like Voltron. Obama is Voltron. Vote for Obama.

PLEASE, don’t fuck it up this time.

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  1. Come on now… we're America. Of COURSE we're going to fuck it up.

    But the sheer thought of Roboma's rocket fists tearing through Sarah Palin's flapping mouth just makes me so giddy.

  2. Im actually pretty nervous. I felt this way last time, but I didnt actually believe in Kerry at all. I just knew bush had to be removed from power. This time I actually have a candidate who inspires me.

  3. I wouldn't worry. I live in Utah, one of the most republican states in the USA, and most of the people I know are voting Obama. The republicans will still get Utah, but it is a good indicator that the people who don't just vote for a party know what they need to do.

    If Obama makes president, you should make a Roboama T-shirt. I personally would get one for my brother in law, who is ultra republican and loves Voltron, as a "in your face" gift.

  4. I have to admit, up until this point your comic had been one of my safe havens from political mess – I knew there was a chance today would be political, but I took that risk coming here anyway. At least I was entertained. But I honestly cannot WAIT until this election business is over.

  5. As always your comic is so awesome words fail me. My husband and I have been long time readers and it's nice to see you weren't afriad to speak up. I think a lot of Obama supporters are very quiet right now while the McCain supporters lose their minds shouting and booing. We need to speak up. If I had junk I would vote with it.

  6. As the lone Obama supporter in a house of McCain supporters (what can I say…? Family…), this comic makes me happy. It has become a desktop on the computer. >>

  7. As a non US citizen can I please beg you to get this shit right this time America and let us love you again.

    Cause you know right now we kinda hate you for fucking us over 😉

    BTW awesome comic yet again. It's just a shame it's too late for a Robobama '08 T-shirt.

  8. Voltron needs 5 members (or possibly 15 if he's made of vehicles, or just 3 if he's the oft forgotten second Voltron toy that was made up of 3 humanoid robots that made a bigger humanoid robot (with 6 arms, or was that just the LSD?). I nominate Boxcar Pete. Then it'd be Hobo-Robobama!

    Seriously, good work, and let's shirt this!

  9. I'm nervous that all the polls are wrong and people will vote for milfy mcgee and walnut cheek and I'll be stuck eating a cold bowl of hubris gruel.

  10. If we fuck this up (It's almost impossible according to the polls, but a few minds in a back room can and have changed that) please invade. And like, win. If you bribe our government they'll greet you as liberators and everything.

  11. You can either play the game or not. There will never be perfect candidate and the choice always comes down to 2. Voting 3rd party or write in is the same as not voting. If you want America to change you have to be willing to concede your ideal candidate and support the one that will do things MOST to your liking.

    • It's not the same as not voting. America is unique in that we have a two party system. It's thinking that by voting for a third party that you're "throwing your vote away" that keeps it that way. Changing that is change I could believe in.

  12. I actually had the blue lion toy as a kid (The Princess). Turns out, without the other 4 it wasnt that much fun.

  13. Bah, I always dislike finding political comics/threads on the interwebs, because it reminds me just how my peers in this online world share a completely opposite opinion from my own. Especially with the two current candidates, Obama has certainly gained the respect of most of the geeks.

    That said, I'll be one of those sorry bastards voting for McCain, and I realize that out of 35 comments, I'm the first, and probably the last reader of Hijinks Ensue to admit that.

    What's important, though, is that you get out there tomorrow and you vote. I may not agree with your choice, but I'm 100% behind your excitement and tenacity to get out there and have your voice heard.

    So vote, you fancy bastards! Vote!

  14. Great comic, honestly at this point I feel like the Republicans are just trying to make the race close enough so they can steal it without anyone questioning it.

  15. Go Obama! I'm in North Carolina, a swing state and I just got back from the Obama rally with tens of thousands of people! Come on America, yes you can! 😛

  16. Exactly! As I keep telling my hippie friends around here, a 3rd party, a Green Party, is a great idea. And I will support their candidates in a local election. But until they build up enough support to get some House and Senate seats, there is no way I am going to vote for their candidates on a national level. Build a third party, don't just think you can walk in and make a showing on a national stage. Unless you are Oprah.

  17. I don't think South Dakota is smart enough to vote for Obama… but I will cast my vote even if it is pointless… funny comic man… here's to hoping *crosses fingers*

  18. Be sure to check your vote if you're in a state with electronic voting. Reports are coming in that the machines de-select your vote. Be sure to select the button just lets your review all your selections before you cast!

  19. Oh, I know how screwed up Utah is politically. I know people who still insist that Bush was a great president. My point is that if even the totally messed up people of this state are starting to see the light then things are looking up. But I am an incurable optimist, so there you go.

    I should mention that I like living in Utah, the only real problem here is politics. Most of the people here were raised to vote Republican come hell or high water. I myself tend to lean Republican, but I am voting almost entirely democrat this season because they are the better candidates.

  20. Just keep in mind that this comic was never supposed to be "fair and balanced." Look at it as if it were my blog. I have opinions and this is how I voice them. I think Heroes sucks, so I do comics to that effect. I think Indy 4 sucked, etc etc. This is my sounding board/ soap box, not "equal time for all ideas." Thats what the comments are for (and you are using them correctly). Another thing to remember is that I try to keep HE topical to what matters to geeks. Im hoping this election matters. I would be remiss if I didnt weigh in on it at some point.

  21. agreed. I keep telling everyone that if we have a repeat of 2000, what will happen will make the French Revolution look tame.

    Must have a victorious Robobama shirt!

  22. I personally believe in the 2 party system. Imagine we didn't have a 2 party system, that anyone who could fund a campaign could have a shot at president. We might end up with 6 or 7 strong candidates. If that happened, when the election was done and over it is probable that the new president would only be supported by a quarter of the population. Can you imagine the corruption that would come into the system if the president only had to secure a quarter of the vote to win? Can you imagine the bitching and whining of the 3/4ths that didn’t want that candidate? The 2 party system helps avoid corruption and chaos in our political system which is corrupt and chaotic enough as it is.

  23. I felt the same way until I voted for Ralph Nader in 2000. I then saw Gore lose to Bush. Had all the Nader votes gone to Gore (who was the closer candidate, politically), Bush would've lost and the world would be quite a different place. Until a third party can make a major political stand, this is a two party system. That may seem sad and defeatist, but that's reality, in my opinion.

  24. I understand it's your forum to say what you wish. I would never question your right to express your opinions on here or anywhere. That's a freedom I hold dear and love to see other people expressing.

    I wasn't even bothered until I saw the title "Don't Fuck This Up America".. because I get annoyed to have my vote referred to as "fucking up." While you have the right to say that, I don't think it helps anything.

  25. I respect your right to vote and your encouragement of others to do so. Since this isn't a political forum I won't ask for your reasons to vote for McCain, but honesty is always appreciated – even on the interwebs!

  26. I was trying to come up with something for Eli – nicely done!

    I couldn't think of anything for Joel, and I don't know enough about Denise. She's kinda like Racer X – the cool voice of reason when situations get wacky that no one knows much about.

  27. A little off-topic, but io9 have a link to the Roslin 08 shirt in their SF election story today – surely it's the sworn duty of Fancy Bastards to head over there and post like crazy in support of this fine site?

  28. Unless, of course, Cheney has both candidates (and their 'mates) killed, and then Bush calls for an emergency extension and martial law.

    But I'm sure THAT won't happen!

  29. Not only do I share your nervousness on the election tomorrow (today for you Fancy Bastids on the Eastern Seaboard) but for Prop 8 in California. You think you've seen fear mongering? Wait until you've seen commercials exploiting kids to scare folks into banning gay marriages.

    If you're in California, for the love of God, recognize another person's right to happiness, don't give in to fear based on a religion maybe not even your own and vote no on *.

    There, it ain't much but I feel slightly better.Best of luck out there folks.

  30. Well, in that case we would need an adjustment to the current electoral process. Instant runoff elections, or multiple selections based on preference. – I really like Candidate C, but if he doesn't get a majority, count my vote for B; or even a more parlimentary system.

  31. I generally tend to play middle of the road, politically, but I usually find myself playing advocate for those who get dumped on. That being said, one thing boggles my mind. It seems that Bush is a scapegoat, to some degree. You learn in your basic high school government class about the system of checks and balances that is the Legislative, Judicial, and Executive branches of the US Government. Laws that are signed and policies that are approved all go through the Senate and the House of Representatives WHICH, I might point out, is controlled by the Democrats, with a Republican signing the bills (or not) when they get to him. Congress's approval rating is lower than Bush's even.

    An amusing solution: Make serving in the senate mandatory, and random selection. Like jury duty ^_^

  32. Maybe first, but not the last. This shall be the glorious stand of the right wing of the fancy bastards. If this is to be our end, then so be it, then we shall go out in a blaze of glory and what not!

  33. I'm really disappointed to see this comic. I know most geeks support Obama so you weren't really risking losing any readers by posting this (nor will you lose me), but it seems like everyone chimes in on the election when they don't need to. I want to have some internet entertainment that doesn't tell me who to vote for, I'll do that research myself.

    It's great to see so many people getting involved. Democracy is alive and well!

  34. I'm sure you've seen Point Break – Utah is that crazy wooden FBI surfer who shoots into the air instead of doing his job.

  35. It's not like Joel's using his Macromancer mind-trickery to swing you to a pro-Obama position, is it. He has a right to express his beliefs in his own corner of teh interwebs and given how this election will affect us ALL, not just you Americans, I think everybody can freely "chime in" when it comes to election time.

    And surely it's not just geeks who'd vote Obama, it's anybody with a modicum of common-sense. McCain may have merits of his own but let's be honest he'll be dead before the end of his term which brings that wonderfully honest, sane, intelligent and pious VP of his into power…now THAT will truly be the end of us all.

  36. I approve this comic. Also, I feel you on the nervousness. I live in fear that the polls are ALL wrong, or the Dems will get lazy thinking its in the bag and not vote. I did find a bright side to this. Either way it goes, its NOT BUSH!

  37. I live in Canada-land, so I don't get a vote. But I swear to god almighty, if you guys elect McCain I am gonna fly down there and kick some ass!

    PS. Voltron is baller

  38. Ah, yes because I'm responsible for Obama's association with him and McCain's subsequent emphasis. And of course I supported it and the adds that made such a big deal about Reverend Wright. So that makes my vote invalid and for a fucked up America, not just a different view.____All I said was it was offensive, how does what McCain's add says have to do with me thinking that the title was less than fair to me and the other Conservative Bastards.

    And please don't get all morally righteous. Both sides ran attack adds; I recall one belittling McCain's inexperience with computers which ignored mittigating circumstances. Again, I'm not complaining, I'm just saying both sides have dirt on their hands.

  39. Yeah that is a little offensive.

    Today's a nasty day for me; my wargaming group basically broke up due to personality conflicts, I was the only one to show up to extra PT…so I had all attention focused on me, McCain's losing, my girlfriend appears to be in the process of breaking up with me, I have a honors paper I have to present at a historical conference, and now I can't focus.

  40. I didn't appreciate McCain associating Obama with a terrorist. People say and do things on both sides that offend the other. You have to roll with it.

  41. I'm a pretty new reader of the comic and I wanted to write something nice about how I like it, but I'm still so excited, etc. to know that Barack Obama is our newly elected president I can't think straight. Obama Obama. Yes we can!

  42. Fancy Americans with your blazing junk or voting swords, well done! And thank you.
    I'm happy to know there's still some justice and hope left in the world.


  43. Whoah, its cool. Again, I am just throwing out my own opinions and using exaggeration for effect. Sorry if you got offended, but please dont take my silly comics that seriously.

  44. I'm not getting morally righteous. My point was both sides say and do things that offend the others. I never said you were responsible. If you want to get that upset about it I would suggest finding another forum to do so as there are many political websites to go to. This is a webcomic meant for entertainment. Joel has his opinion and you either agree or you don't. Making a big fuss about it isn't going to change things.

  45. I must be the only conservative to read this comic. I suppose now, in 2010, as the economy collapses and Obama continues to defy the will of the electorate and cater to his political cronies, at least SOME of you regret what you did to the country in 2008.

    Not that McCain was a better choice, but next time, before you elect my president, please take a moment and actually learn something about his voting record and personal history. A failed professor who became a senator that never authored or even supported a successful bill is likely to become– a failed president.

    Just as he has.

    • Seems like you're really reaching for a soapbox here. This comic is too old to still be getting negative comments. Im not trying to put you or your opinions down, but I would let this one rest. The reality is at the time it WAS Obama V. McCain/Palin. Even if Obama hasnt lived up to the hype (no one could have) I would do just about anything to keep Sarah Palin out of the White House. It's all a game and if you dont play you lose. You just have to pick a side for better or worse and run with it, hoping against all odds for the best.

      • Man, I am totally bummed out. I thought I had found an exciting comic that made me laugh like P-A used to. Then you brought your politics into it (2 years ago, reading the archives to catch up).

        To make it worse, after your choice of an empty suit is finally starting to get recognised as a failure, you backtrack and claim you only voted for Obama to keep Palin out of the White House. Also, you are still claiming that it isn't his fault because no one could live up to the hype and lies he propagated during his campaign. Your hardcore liberal attitude saddens me. I am glad I haven't ordered any merchandise yet. Oh well. Off to find less political webcomics.

        • Dont be disappointed. You read a bunch of comics for free that you seemed to enjoy. Your enjoyment only stopped when you realized that I had different political views that you. What were the chances that we agreed? 50/50? 49/51? What does it matter? Did you enjoy the free comics or not? Thats what you should be asking yourself. Not whether we voted for the same person. If you require that all those who entertain you share ALL of your beliefs then you arent going to get much entertainment. Do you check the political views of the actors in every movie before you buy a ticket? Hollywood is a pretty liberal place, so i guess you dont see many movies.

          Seriously, think about how silly your comment was (not that we disagree but that you are offended that I have my own ideals that differ from yours). Why not instead be happy that though we have different views we share a similar sense of humor. Think about why we are the same instead of being angry about why we are different. That type of partisanship gives conservatives a bad rep.

          Also, in regards to "less political webcomics"… does 1 comic with a political slant out of over 400 makes this a political webcomic? Nope. In the end, this comic is me. Its what I think about EVERYTHING. TV, movies, geek culture and, yes, occasionally who I voted for.

        • liberals have principals, liberals don't support Obama…. only partisan Democrats and corporatist/fascist support Obama.

          • Again, calling me a "corporatist/fascist" for voting for my candidate of choice in 2008 is going to get you banned pretty quick. I dont tollerate personal attacks, name calling or bullying. Stop acting like a dick.

      • you've expressed a strong anti-war sentiment in comics written prior to this one…… you've tied your pro-Obama stance to your anti-war stance……… no vaguely intelligent person who had looked at his voting record in Congress could ever believe that Obama was ever anti-war……. anti-war for Obama and the Democratic Party at large has never been anything more than campaign rhetoric…..

        • Do you really think it's necessary or called for to say shit like "no vaguely intelligent person would…" to me on my own website? Can you think of any reason I would put up with that? More like this and you're going to get banned really fast. The only rule on this site is to be nice and dont be a dick. You're failing at both right now.

  46. I like Obama just fine. I just can't figure out how the country is going to survive if a large portion of the electorate insists on voting for the most ignorant right wing evolution disbelievers and religious pseudo-Christian stoneheads, who lack the intellectual capacity to understand complex issues, and who laugh at those who try. Godspeed us fancy bastards indeed!

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