Denver Comic Con 2014 Fancy Sketches BONUS CYANIDE & HAPPINESS EDITION

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Ok, I sorted through all the sketches that I did as a part of Cyanide & Happiness at Denver Comic Con, filtered those that contained explicitly sexual, sacrilegious or otherwise disturbing images (a chef performing an abortion and Jesus nailed to a skateboard catching some sick air on a half pipe, to name just a couple) and this is what was left. Take away the truly objectionable stuff and you’re left with ultra-violence, apparently. But, hey, this is America. If force feeding a doctor a bunch of running chainsaws turns your stomach, then I don’t even know what we’re fighting three wars for (it’s still just three, right?). Thanks to Kris and Ryan for the super fun Colorado times! A++ Would Mountain Time Zone Again!

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  1. … I don't get it. What's with all the chainsaws? And doctors? :/

    I guess I.. don't know Who any of those Doctors are. That… that's a start, yeah? And the chainsaws and general dumb violence… err… maybe this was an Evil Dead convention?

    • A) A lot of these sketches were for people that drew topics from the \”Big Box O\’ Topics,\” and \”chainsaw\” was one of the only topics that wasn\’t too offensive to put on my website. You can see the topic cards in the final image.

      B) It\’s ok if you don\’t get it. I forgive you.

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