Can’t Stop The Signal Fire

Universal Studios is burning. No, there weren’t any reports of Firefly/Serenity set pieces going up in flames, but they did lose the Courthouse from Back to the Future. If any of you find yourselves traveling in the past to June 1st 2008 and you have to solve a time paradox that requires a massive fire, I know exactly when and where you will be able to find one. Unless that already happened and you actually traveled back in time to cause the fire. If that’s the case, go about your paradoxical business and don’t mind me.

Tomorrow is my 27th birthday. I anticipate cake.

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  1. The cake is a lie! [too obvious?]

    I was sad to hear about that fire, but the firefly wall tugged a heartstring. Oh how I wish that didn't ring so true. I'm seriously waiting for someone to rediscover old he-man and she-ra cartoon prints and go 'OOH! OOH! I HAVE AN IDEA FOR A NEW MOVIE THAT WILL KNOCK YOUR SOCKS OFF!'

    But I digress, leave your mitts out of my stinkin' paradox's kay? -.-

  2. I love the composition of that last frame. Looks authentic – as if you are actually just noticing it in the background. Also makes me want to say "Enlarge….. enlarge.."

  3. The words "oh god…that's where they keep the delorean!" were actually the first to come out of my mouth when I heard about the fire.
    Perhaps you an I are some sort of brain wave Siamese twins?
    Perhaps we are both big nerds?

  4. Ouch…the Courthouse? Why not the damn Simpsons ride? That thing stole BTTF's spot, and now it's getting smited by natural forces too?!

    The freshly made Simpsons ride can be rebuilt. Historic geekery like the Courthouse square can't be. Not easily, and without the age and history behind it.

    Also sad that the last BTTF based filming there was the DirecTV advert. How the fuck did 1955 Doc know about Cable and High Definition?
    (Shows how much they gave a crap about logic.)

  5. So will there be spankings, or did Josh get enough spankings up in Chicago last weekend for the whole crew for the whole year? Happy Birthday Day, here's hoping no one feels compelled to open you up and count the rings!

  6. Am I the only one who's glad the Courthouse Square burned? They used that set WAY too often. It's been in everything from The Music Man to BTTF to O Brother Where Art Thou, and about a thousand movies in between. Every time I see it, it totally pulls me out of the movie.

  7. I saw a bit about that Simpsons ride on TV last night. I love how mainstream media still refers to the simpsons as "cutting edge" and "offbeat humor." Compared to what? "Everybody Loves Raymond?"

  8. NOOOOO!!! Not the Courthouse! *sobs inconsolably*

    *Collects himself after about 10 seconds*

    Seriously though, I just on a whim decided to watch the BTTF Trilogy this weekend! Did I have a sense of impending doom for the poor Clock Tower or what?

    And Happy Berfdae, Ho-el! It's funny, you have the exact same birthday as my best friend. 🙂

  9. The cake is a lie! Happy B-day.

    The word bubbles in this one threw me off a little, but I like the blur effect in the last panel. A lot. Do it again and again. It's like something out of The Matrix, but in unanimated 2D form.

  10. Happy Birthday, friend. Got the Roslin T-shirt and it is sweet. Enjoying the podcast as always (did I mention Spiraling is podsafe?)

  11. Happy Birthday, friend. Got the Roslin T-shirt and it is sweet. Enjoying the podcast as always (did I mention Spiraling is podsafe?)

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