Abort Launch Sequence

When the ONLY toilet on the International Space Station breaks down, do you call Robo-Rooter? (ba-doom shpee!) Thank you, thank you. Tip your waitresses.

Supposedly they rigged a system that let’s them pee into a bag. I imagine you could get the full experience if you watched the scene in Apollo 13  where they dump all the trash on the table and try to build an air filter. Except, ya’ know, they need a floating urine collection device instead of an air filter.

The whole scenario reminds me of this picture of Josh:


I like to call it, “Cause and Effect” or “Preemptive Strike.”

Oh crap (no pun) they fixed it.

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  1. I heard they were catching the turds with nets, or something like that. A whole new meaning for the term "floater". Let's just hope no one eats some bad chicken and redecorates the walls.

  2. At first when you mentioned Apollo 13 I thought you were referring to the Constellation Urion scene. As it is, I remember one of those grunts saying that they would get some coffee going…doubtful that would be so in your hypothetical case.

    Belated happy birthday, BTW!

  3. In case of a poop, I wonder, would you have to hang your ass out the airlock while holding on for dear life to the door frame?

    And at first glance, the plunger that Josh is holding looked like a cross between Jeannie's bottle and a bong. That plus Taco Bell equals one helluva night.

  4. You mean I can't call anything greasy and wrapped in tortillas Mexican? Also, in the war of cheap fast-food beans I choose Taco Bueno.

  5. To continue with the Bowie quote:

    Here am I floating round my tin can
    Far above the moon
    Planet earth is blue
    And theres nothing I can do.

  6. In the time of Star Trek, human evolution weeded out the need for intestines. Bodies learned how to absorb everything. Man, that would come in handy now – we could all live off of Spam and Twinkies and never have to shit again.

  7. Ja no, space toilet vos inwented by Russia. Ze early prototype vos used by Lenin. Used truck battery in early days. Vos considered great honor to carry truck battery for Lenin vile he go poo in space.

  8. We have a relatively local chain (here in Texas) that's even better than either… or at least more authentic. It's called Taco Villa… it's kind of split in two, but if you feel like something even better than Bueno (or Baja Fresh, in my opinion) check out the locations.


    And Rosa's Cafe costs a LITTLE bit more but is usually worth it.

  9. Actually, an interesting side effect of surface tension is that in micro-gravity fluids climb the walls of containers, so if you pissed in a bottle the urine would tend to try to climb out the top of it.

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