1. Hold on, I need to slip into full-on nerd mode for this comment…

    Ahem, okay.

    So I know green Vulcan blood was explained by the fact that their hemoglobin is based on copper rather than iron, but was pepto bismol pink Klingon blood ever given an explanation?

    • Officially, it was to avoid an “R” rating for the movie, and the Undiscovered Country is the only incidence where the “pink” blood is seen. Klingon blood is commonly seen as red in the TV series, especially on Deep Space Nine which featured several incidents of Klingons drawing their own blood.

      The common fan theory is that, since the Klingon rigged foreheads “returned” in the TOS movies, that whatever process they underwent to restore their cranial ridges tainted their blood, and that blood taint was resolved before TNG.

  2. Nice!

    I do have to point out that Mr. Scott (the actor in real life) lost one of his finders in WW2.

    You could have gone back to three finger hands (hand?) for one panel but missed the opportunity.

    (BTW, glad to see stuff rolling from you again. Love it!)

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