Baby Don’t Hurt Me

FUNDRAISER UPDATE: 58/100 “Daddy/Daughter Digital Drawing Time” prints are sold! If you were thinking about supporting this IRS “Get out of tax jail” fundraiser, NOW is the time.

hijinks ensue fundraiser print 2013 web

All proceeds are going to pay an unexpected IRS tax billDonations are also incredibly appreciated, if that’s more your style.

Here’s a new print I made and put in the HE store: “Adventure Time Lord.” I bet it will also be a shirt over at Sharksplode pretty soon.


Speaking of making new things, my wife just made a couple of Game Of Thrones inspired necklaces for you Starks and Lannisters.

Game Of Thrones Necklaces - Stark and Lannister - Science And Fiction - Etsy

Oh, just great. In addition to rush hour traffic and construction around the airport, NOW I have to deal with am emerging A.I. in my phone? You know, if it’s not one thing it’s the rise of the great machine intelligence that will soon subjugate all of humanity under it’s cold, logical boot heel.

I may or may not be planning to see Her this weekend. I hope Joaquin Phoenix does some raps.

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  1. Jo-Wel. Apparently Siri thinks you're Kryptonian. Still, better her than a Dalek voice.
    Also, that "Adventure Time Lord" print is brilliant! I love that BMO is the TARDIS!

  2. You could do with a comma after the Love – I read it as "What is the thing you call 'Love Joel'?" which led to a whole different kind of joke….

  3. Lol, I love Siri, She referes to me as "My Lord"
    Tee hee hee.

    however After 7.04, when i text people my name comes on their screens as "My lord" too

    so kinda a fail and a win

    love Joel's "Donk?" response,

    I normally "Der?"

  4. The android googlemap voice mispronounces names here in Washington. ..because about half our cities are injun names.. one city is Wenatchee (pronounced when ATCH eee) but the rowbutt (ever notice people pronounce robot ROWbutt?) Always pronounced Wenatchee WEEE neechee and the main road in town is WEEE neechee blvd.. now I pronounce itvthst way just to see if anyone will correct me.

  5. I'm so hoping this comic turns into yours and the Explosm guys excellent movie pitch "Drive 2: GPS Blues". In fact, I'm going to pre-empt that and read the GPS' voice as Liam Neeson.

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