A Minor Scheduling Conflict

A Minor Scheduling Conflict

I think I’ve mentioned that I’ll be attending The New England Webcomics Weekend once or twice. I’m very excited to catch up with webcomicer friends, make some new ones and hang out with some Fancy Bastards.

There was some talk on the Twitters of throwing together an impromptu Battlestar Galactica Finale viewing tonight during the Pub Crawl” phase of NEWW. I am all for that. I know if I try to wait until I get home on Monday some internet mother fucker is going to spoil the ending for me. If you see me racing through the streets of Easthampton, MA naked, covered in blood and screaming in my Col. Tigh voice you can rest assured I was a victim of spoilage most foul.

So, can you name all the webcomics peoples in today’s comic? I’ll give you a clue… one of them is me. If you’re watching the BSG Final Frakfest tonight, what are your plans? A group assault with your whole Viper squadron or a solo mission so no one sees the tears?

I’ll be out of touch until next week in every fashion other than Twitter, so follow me up on it and I’ll keep you up to date on which of your favorite webcomic creators is the most drunk at any given time.

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