A Minor Scheduling Conflict

I think I’ve mentioned that I’ll be attending The New England Webcomics Weekend once or twice. I’m very excited to catch up with webcomicer friends, make some new ones and hang out with some Fancy Bastards.

There was some talk on the Twitters of throwing together an impromptu Battlestar Galactica Finale viewing tonight during the Pub Crawl” phase of NEWW. I am all for that. I know if I try to wait until I get home on Monday some internet mother fucker is going to spoil the ending for me. If you see me racing through the streets of Easthampton, MA naked, covered in blood and screaming in my Col. Tigh voice you can rest assured I was a victim of spoilage most foul.

So, can you name all the webcomics peoples in today’s comic? I’ll give you a clue… one of them is me. If you’re watching the BSG Final Frakfest tonight, what are your plans? A group assault with your whole Viper squadron or a solo mission so no one sees the tears?

I’ll be out of touch until next week in every fashion other than Twitter, so follow me up on it and I’ll keep you up to date on which of your favorite webcomic creators is the most drunk at any given time.

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  1. Front row are Wigu Jeff, Goats Jon, Hijinks You and … I have no idea. The Evil Guigar?
    Back row look like R. Sweeties, Meredith Pie, Questionable Jeph, not sure but maybe Maggie Bobwhite and Slingshot Danielle.

    What do I win? How about the job of hosting the next Webcomics Weekend on the west coast? I'm in San Luis Obispo, CA (midway between LA and SF) so it could be SLOWW.

    • I concur with the idea of hosting the next WW in SLO. That way I can go! And also have webcomicers sleep on my couch and I can hover over them at two in the morning in my underwear while they sleep.

  2. I have to figure Danielle Corsetto is the one in the back on the right, but beyond that, I don't know. I'm not up with the web comics, which I am ashamed of.

    In fact, I hadn't even heard of Girls With Slingshots until you made that comic about them. However, I immediately started reading it and am now in love with it. So, thank you for that.

  3. Having grown up about 10 miles from Easthampton, I have to confess surprise that it actually has streets (as opposed to lanes, drives and little cul-de-sacs) but would gladly make the 2-hour drive back there if it meant seeing Joel naked, covered in blood and screaming in his Col. Tigh voice. But mostly the naked part.

  4. That is totally Danielle on the far right. I’ve only known her since you featured the GWS girls in your comic last week, but having read through her archives since then, I can safely say that she would be the one unabashedly double-fisting her drinks.

    And who doesn’t recognize Jeph Jacques or R. Stevens?

  5. Yeah I read a shitload of webcomics but for some reason I've never gotten into Anders/Maria, Unshelved, Evil Inc, or Octopus Pie, even though I've attempted all of their archives. Great comic, see you there!

    Additionally, love that Corsetto is accurately depicted with TWO drinks!

    Additionally additionally, I hope your sweatshirt is actually that thick, it's supposed to be chilly this weekend, especially today.

  6. That was impressive. And SLOWW is an unfortunately apt descriptor of its venue. FOr a West Coast shindig I vote for either Santa Cruz or San Diego.

  7. That was impressive. And SLOWW is an unfortunately apt descriptor of its venue. FOr a West Coast shindig I vote for either Santa Cruz or San Diego.

  8. Joel, me & my merry band of nerds are gonna watch the BSG finale after our usual Friday night comic shop run & we'll most likely do MST3K-style commentary during the show & scholarly debate/ mindlessly argue about it well into the night, then watch the Clone Wars season finale, Terminator:SCC, & Dollhouse on the DVR. On one hand, I'm pleased there's so much sci-fi goodness on in a single night, but on the other, I'm kind of insulted it's on Friday night, as if TV producers assume we geeks can't get dates.
    Though we'll be sure to avoid women like the one in the background in today's comic. Dumping on our favorite fictional material's a major turn off.

  9. I watched BG tonight by myself… was really impressed.. I did tape it for several neighbors who had to go out of town for the weekend and weren't sure they'd be able to see it (usually tape for them anyway since they don't have cable..,.) so will have to work hard to keep my mouth shut til they can watch… and would have made hubby watch.. but, well, that deployment thing gets in the way.. will have to make him sit through it all when he gets home.. in December… heh…
    and dollhouse.. was good tonight.. won't spoil since someone mentioned not seeing it yet… but fox is starting to butt out and let Josh do his thing… (yay!!)

  10. Fuck real people, I want to have fun with BSG. Unfortunately we don't get it in the UK yet. guess I'll have to torrent it again. Seriously, how do they expect to cut piracy when half the fans can't watch the show and the DVDs take a year to release. I want to know what happens NOW not in a years time.

    • It's a little late now, but Battlestar always ran the Tuesday immediately following the US showing either on Sci Fi or (recently) Sky 1 – by the time I could get torrents down it would be on the telly, which is good as it made sure I use my 50" plasma for something!

      Roll on tomorrow…

  11. Any particular reason why you redrew Renée (and, if my memory serves me well, sightly ajusted R. Steven's expression) two weeks ago?

    • Hah! Good eye. Im all about revisionist history. I go back and look at the comics a few months later sometimes and think, that looks totally wrong. Since its the web and not paper I can fix it. I also removed some of Bill Barnes hair since he specifically complained that he wasnt bald enough.

      I redrew Renee because it just didnt look like her. I couldnt find a good reference photo. I made Rich smile a bit more because he looked sad for no reason.

      • Works for me (for Rich I indeed wondered "Why the long face?"). Just as long as Han still shoots first…

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