I'll have to murder-provise! Quick, what are you allergic to?! Strawberries? Nuts? Penicillin? AGH, but penicillin IS a fungus! OHH THE MURD-IRONY!

A Doctor’s Dozen


The HijiNKS ENSUE Store is all new looking and such, and all ladies shirts are $5 off! 

It’s hard to mature and mellow out about nitpicky geek stuff (like who’s playing “Who”), and just let events unfold naturally when you’ve publicly voiced so many INCREDIBLY SPECIFIC AND EXTREMELY IMPORTANT OPINIONS about such things in the past. Oh well. I guess I’m the boy who cried LOUD TV OPINIONS.

This starts our latest mini storyline where Joel explores whether you can just be a fan and trust geek creators to do their jobs, or if geekdom requires fan intervention to function.

COMMENTERS: We’ll be dancing around this idea over the next 3 or 4 strips, but I’ll go ahead pose the question: Do you feel like you need to be an active participant in your geekeries of choice, or are you happy being a passive observer?

The 2013 DIGITAL FANCY SKETCH DRIVE is still going! Check out the details and order yours HERE.

MY WIFE KEEPS MAKING AWESOME STUFF! In addition to having her own photo restoration business, my wife has also started making super cool, ultra geeky jewelry on Etsy. You can see her Tetris necklace and more geeky creations in her shop, but she just announced her Harry Potter inspired Quidditch necklace. Look at those bludgers! 

quidditch necklace



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