Bingeing Bad

Breaking Bad’s final 8 episodes start in less than a week. In order to prepare I am giving myself ulcers by rewatching seasons 4 and 5.1 of the most captivating show of the last decade. It is killing me. It is killing me and I love it.

The HijiNKS ENSUE Store seems to have gotten a makeover.

I have SO MANY thoughts, ideas and opinions about Breaking Bad. I could go on for pages about character motivations, growth, plot complexity, the absolute beauty with which it is shot… but, instead here are some things I posted on Twitter

  • Rewatching Breaking Bad season 4 to prep for the new eps and getting crushed under the weight of its fantasticness.
  • I wonder if Aaron Paul would have grown into such unbelievable talent-pants if not for Breaking Bad. Did it awaken his latent abilities?
  • I would imagine working with Cranston and Gilligan forced Paul to up his game. To play in their world he had to rise to their level.
  • Not that Paul wasn’t great in season 1 but by season 4 he’s in a whole new league.
  • I play this game during every Breaking Bad where I try and chart Walt’s motivation throughout the episode. Is fear, ego or pride in control?
  • I also try to track Walt’s shifting layers of deception. Is he lying to himself, others, both? He moves in and out of lies so fluidly.
  • Sorry. Breaking Bad Spoilers: Walt lies a lot.

And one for the road: 

  • My daughter is talking about Equestria Girls like they just announced Peter Capaldi is playing Twilight Sparkle.

COMMENTERS: What’s the most/longest/hardest/fastest you’ve ever binged a show/series/book/whatever? Was it worth it?

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When I first found the West Wing, after it had already finished its run, I watched the whole thing in about a week.
Wesley's avatar

Wesley · 97 weeks ago

I do this quite a lot.. basically I become a fanatic about anything I like, starting at the beginning and stopping only to sleep, work or because I either get annoyed by it or finish it up to the current episode/comic page/book/whatever.
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Thomas · 97 weeks ago

Every time a new book in the “Wheel of Time” series came out, I reread the entire series.

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Wesley's avatar

Wesley · 97 weeks ago

Including the prologue?
Jesse's avatar

Jesse · 97 weeks ago

I did the exact same thing, including the Prologue. It got pretty ridiculous towards the end.
isoldeblackbunny's avatar

isoldeblackbunny · 97 weeks ago

trying to read prologue to 13 in 6 weeks (so I had a gap week before 14 came out) nearly killed me: it was glorious.
Ha, ha! I say ignore that irregular heart beat of 4 minutes per beat and push on with the show!
When I was in Jr. High, I was home sick and watched six episodes of Muppet Babies back to back followed by Knight Rider. (The episode where CARR returns) 😉

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Kryss · 97 weeks ago

KARR was awesome. XD Hey, look; Asimov’s Three Laws matter! XD Is Knight Rider in reruns somewhere? Or on Netflicks? Damn, they should bring back NBC’s Thursday night lineup from, like, 1984 or so. Knight Rider, the A-Team, and Magnum P.I. It would be epic. XD

Yes, yes, Magnum PI was CBS and the A-Team might have been, like, ABC or something. I don’t care; you know what I mean.

Damn, now I want an epic crossover.

That might have been my first. We were watching it with Netflix DVD’s and finished 2 discs every day and a half, then waiting 3-4 days for new discs.
groklife's avatar

groklife · 97 weeks ago

I did this with all of the Dark Tower novels, until King let the last few go within a few months of each other.

I tend to binge series, too. “Fringe” is what I’m on now. Netflix just screwed me on that tip, though. They emailed me, letting me know that Season 5 was available. I watched the first 8 eps in two evenings (at work), clicked on the 9th and was told, “No longer available to stream.” I was pissed!

Got an email from them yesterday telling me that it’d be available in September. Woo. Freakin. Hoo.

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runcibletune · 97 weeks ago

My mom and I did that with TOS. I decided to watch it after enjoying the 2009 reboot. Like you said, it was often (usually?) unintentionally hilarious – we enjoyed pausing it and laughing about what was going on as much as watching it happen.

This was before I understood how to get TV shows on my computer so we would borrow 4 DVDs at a time from our local library. It was awesome.

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The Unknown FB · 97 weeks ago

What’s also fun is after doing that do all the rest of the Trek series: TAS, TNG, DS9, VOY, ENT.
You could put ENT before TOS, but I don’t think that’s wise…and for even more fun, mix the Prime universe’s 10 movies into your viewing, in date of release order.
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Hotsauce · 97 weeks ago

Saw Equestria Girls in the theater. It was much better than I had expected.
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DuckAmuck · 97 weeks ago

I ONLY enjoyed 24 when 1 season ran as a 24-hour marathon on TV.

**I so want this to end with Walter White, holding a gun, standing over a shot Hank gasping his last breaths. Walter leans in and says, “I AM Heisenberg.” choke-rasp- black.

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RE: your finale prediction, it’s going to be the opposite. Hank HAS to kill Walter. Everyone loses. EVERYONE loses.
DuckAmuck's avatar

DuckAmuck · 97 weeks ago

Jesse shows up, guns blazing. Shoots Skylar in the head. The kid takes the baby and hides under the table (they both live).
Walt gets shot in the neck, Hank gets shot in the gut. Jesse gets shot by Hank.
Walt and Hank, both sitting on the floor, gasping their last breaths. Hank says “I knew this day would come.”
Walt says, “I have to tell you… I am Heisenberg.”
gasp-gasp. rasp-rasp. choke-choke. black.

I really think Hank needs to die.

DuckAmuck's avatar

DuckAmuck · 97 weeks ago

I reject your “reality” and replace it with my own, much more “fantastical” one.
A couple months ago, I set aside everything to watch EVERY EPISODE of Dr. Who that Netflix had. Old, new, whatever. It took a while, but it was worth it…kinda want to do it again.

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I did that a few years ago. Probably 3-4 a night until I was through 9 and 10.
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runcibletune · 97 weeks ago

Did you start at the beginning? I’ve been meaning to get into Who for a while but my do-everything-in-order tendencies are at war with everybody telling me that the newer stuff is more accessible and I should start there.
Nah, I started with 9.
Well, watching the new seasons *will* get you ready for the big thing that’s going on. I’ll probably have to catch it once it hits Netflix, unless I can catch a marathon of the stuff not yet on netflix (to catch me up).

Sadly, and I did research on this, some of the old series were lost in a warehouse fire on BBC property. Amongst the original reels lost were legendary episodes from the first season onward, but some has survived. I would still recommend watching ALL the old stuff, but the very oldest episode is quite disorienting. I’m not sure if the very first episode was lost, or if Netflix just doesn’t care.

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lou · 97 weeks ago

Radio plays? They still make those?
Shane's avatar

Shane · 97 weeks ago

It’s actually a bit more horrible than that. During the late 60s and into the 70s the BBC policy was to erase and reuse the video tapes that the shows were recorded to. They figured no one was interested in some old sci fi show so they wiped them out. All though copies of many episodes have been found, about 40% of the first six years of the show are gone.
Animated, eh? It’ll lack the overwhelming charm of old SFX, but it’ll be something!
Netflix, actually. I lost sleep, watching every episode they had. I didn’t keep track of the number of episodes…or days…
And now I’m on to X-Files, but I’m trying to pace myself.
Bex C.'s avatar

Bex C. · 97 weeks ago

When Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire came out, I purchased the book and read the entire thing from start to finish in one sitting. I took a few breaks to eat and bathroom, but one full 15 hour stretch of time devouring the whole book. As soon as it ended, I immediately wanted to start it over but my dad made me take a break. I was 13.

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I did all of Harry Potter on Audiobook over the course of a month. I was listening to it while I worked, in the car, and in bed. I was actually really sad when it was over.
Holly's avatar

Holly · 97 weeks ago

I got my first (and so far only) speeding ticket while listening to the HP audiobooks and driving cross-country. I got so caught up in the dementors scene that I didn’t realize I was going 93mph through Nebraska.
Bex C.'s avatar

Bex C. · 97 weeks ago

I’m sad to say that when I finally got my copy of book 7, I didn’t read it immediately. It was a mixture of being supremely busy with day to day life and not wanting it to end. I ended up picking it up after 6 months of staring at it and SOMEHOW still avoiding all spoilers. I was intensely sad when it was over, too. Now whenever I get bored with reading new stuff, I pick the series up and read it all over again.
Ceri's avatar

Ceri · 97 weeks ago

LOTR Extended Editions was my biggest binge. When Return Of The King came out, I shut myself away with stockpiles of snacks for a night and first re-watched Fellowship and Two Towers, then ROTK, then ALL the extras on that one, then ROTK again, with the actor’s commentary.
Best. Night. Ever.

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I have all of those on BluRay and I still havent made it through them yet. We usually get about 2.5 hours into one and give up.
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lou · 97 weeks ago

Sometimes I do this with movies. My brother & I watched Captain America: First Avenger on Blu-Ray before we went to see The Avengers, and my friends & I watched that movie on Blu-Ray before seeing Iron Man 3. I took 6 hours out of 1 Friday to watch Batman Begins and the Dark Knight before the Saturday I went to see the Dark Knight Rises. The most hardcore instance of this is when I went to YouTube to find the clips of the complete TRON movie, before I went out to watch TRON Legacy.
As for TV shows, my friends and I also watched Season 4 of Fringe (because certain complications with our schedules kept us from watching it on TV and DVR’s can only hold so many episodes) so we could follow what the deuce was happening in Season 5. ALL worth it!
Skye's avatar

Skye · 97 weeks ago

When I was in high school, my boyfriend had Babylon 5 on VHS (taped off of TNT) and I sat on a bean bag in front of my TV and watched the entire series the summer between freshman and sophomore year. I had to sit in front of the TV because I didn’t have a remote for my VCR, so in order to fast forward through the commercials I had to push the buttons on the front of the VCR. The only times I came downstairs were to get lunch, eat dinner (mother insisted on dinner at the table), and to trade out VHS tapes with my boyfriend (each tape only held 6 episodes or so if I remember correctly).

I still haven’t forgiven him for spoiling Z’ha’dum–we’ve been married for 11 years now and he’s still in trouble. *glares*

Mike Ferris's avatar

Mike Ferris · 97 weeks ago

That Tetris necklace is baaaaaadass. I know what my wife’s getting for her birthday.
Adam D.'s avatar

Adam D. · 97 weeks ago

My friend (poor bastard, though he likely would be a Fancy Bastard) used to work for Barnes and Noble, and he ALWAYS (not sure if he volunteered or not, he’d never tell me) on for the Harry Potter releases. And like a good friend, I’d go to keep him company so the little Hogwarts wouldn’t cause him to start firing Killing Curses at anything that moved. Normally this ended with me getting a copy of Harry Potter, then sitting down and reading it cover to cover in about 3-5 hours. No bathroom breaks, no food breaks… just sitting up at 1am,2am,3am,4am… knowing full well I had to work the following day, and just not giving a damn. Plus it prevented any of the books being spoiled, which ended up being a good thing.

Wife would usually read it after I had finished… except for book 5, where the local radio station decided to blurt out the ending… at 9AM. You could imagine how that went down.

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Ben · 97 weeks ago

With the exception of TNG, I have a tough time with episodic stories, especially where there is a long story arc involved. If I feel like watching Dr. Who, I feel this need to watch all of Who… in order… back to back.

If I’m feeling some BSG, then it’s off to the Pilot I go.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen Jack Shephard wake up in that jungle after Flight 815 crashed. Or how many times I’ve heard Christopher Eccleston has said “Run!” Or

Star Wars? LOTR? Back to the Future? Robotech?

With me, it’s “In for a penny, in for a pound.” I can’t watch one without all the rest.

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xero · 97 weeks ago

2 solid weeks catching up on a manga and several months watching 5 diffrent seasons of Kamen rider (starte with dcad when it was new and started going backwards got to Hibiki and stopped cause yea it’s REALLY bad

working through detective conana atm…i’m on chapter 7 of 696 :.((

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