Bingeing Bad

Breaking Bad’s final 8 episodes start in less than a week. In order to prepare I am giving myself ulcers by rewatching seasons 4 and 5.1 of the most captivating show of the last decade. It is killing me. It is killing me and I love it.

The HijiNKS ENSUE Store seems to have gotten a makeover.

I have SO MANY thoughts, ideas and opinions about Breaking Bad. I could go on for pages about character motivations, growth, plot complexity, the absolute beauty with which it is shot… but, instead here are some things I posted on Twitter

  • Rewatching Breaking Bad season 4 to prep for the new eps and getting crushed under the weight of its fantasticness.
  • I wonder if Aaron Paul would have grown into such unbelievable talent-pants if not for Breaking Bad. Did it awaken his latent abilities?
  • I would imagine working with Cranston and Gilligan forced Paul to up his game. To play in their world he had to rise to their level.
  • Not that Paul wasn’t great in season 1 but by season 4 he’s in a whole new league.
  • I play this game during every Breaking Bad where I try and chart Walt’s motivation throughout the episode. Is fear, ego or pride in control?
  • I also try to track Walt’s shifting layers of deception. Is he lying to himself, others, both? He moves in and out of lies so fluidly.
  • Sorry. Breaking Bad Spoilers: Walt lies a lot.

And one for the road: 

  • My daughter is talking about Equestria Girls like they just announced Peter Capaldi is playing Twilight Sparkle.

COMMENTERS: What’s the most/longest/hardest/fastest you’ve ever binged a show/series/book/whatever? Was it worth it?

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