Fancy Sketch Drive Part 2: The Air Reconditioninging

Initially when finances were tight in HijiNKS land a month ago I offered 100 personalized sketches to raise bill-paying type funds. About 50 of them sold and nearly $1700 was raised! I didn’t plan on offering the other 50 for sale so soon, but on August 1, 2012 my air conditioner died (one year TO THE DAY after my indoor air handler died and cost $3300 to replace). It can’t be repaired and it’s $5400 to have it replaced. It’s been WELL over 100 degrees in Texas every day all summer and living without AC is not an option. So it looks like time to offer those other 50 sketches.

HijiNKS ENSUE Boondock Saints

I obviously don’t expect to raise over $5000 in sketches, but every bit helps. If you would like to help and don’t require a sketch in return for your generosity, please feel free to make a donation of any amount. All donations received in the month of August will go straight to the AC fund.

So there are now 50 more pieces of very nice paper that I will happily ruin with the scribblings of your choice! 

I’m nearly done with the first 50 and they will be leaving in the mail this week. I’ve really been working hard to make them special. If you want to see some recent sketches, check out my Tumblr.

Grammar Dalek Shirts Plus New Fighting Time Lords Shirts!


The preorder starts today.

There is also a new version of the Fighting Time Lords shirt (created by me and Wil Wheaton) up for preorder.

It is moving from Sharksplode to my Blind Ferret store so that we’ll be able to bring them to conventions (something fans have been asking about for a long time).

The preorders will determine how many of these shirts get made, so if you’ve been wanting either one please place your order in the next few days. If the preorder goes well, I should be able to have these shirts at my next couple of conventions rather than waiting until next year to take them on the road.

I also wanted to remind you that there are 5 HE shirts that likely won’t be printed again and are selling for only $12.95.

Several sizes of each are already selling out. If you want one of these, now is a great time to get it since we need to make room for the new designs.




HijiNKS ENSUE At San Diego Comic-Con 2012

I am leaving for San Diego Comic-Con in 4 FREAKING DAYS!!!PANIC!!!AHHHHGHGHGH!!!

SDCC con-goers will be able to find my merch (t-shirts and books) with Blind Ferret at booth 1332 in the webcomics area. Due to our booth accidentally getting cut in half this year, I will not have table space to sit and draw, but I will be hanging out during the weekend.

CHECK MY TWITTER through out the weekend for scheduled booth/signing times. I will have sketch cards and prints with me when I’m at the booth.

Since the Grammar Dalek shirts couldn’t be ready in time for SDCC, I am bringing a limited number of Grammar Dalek prints. I don’t know if they’ll be on display so you may have to ask me for them if you want one.

San Diego is a special kind of chaos that both invigorates me and drains the life clean from every cell in my body. I am going to run 1, maybe 2 new comics during the week of SDCC, then I am going to run sketches from the Fancy Sketch Drive for the rest of the week. Possibly for the rest of my life. I usually don’t want to do much of anything but sleep for about 6 months to a year after SDCC. See you there!

Fancy Sketch Drive & HE iBooks

Finances are tight in HijiNKS land, so it’s time to raise some funds. To that end I am offering 100 very nice pieces of paper that I will happily ruin with the scribblings of your choice and I will broadcast said scribblings live on Ustream!

Live drawing broadcasts will be HERE and start this Friday (7/6) and go through the weekend. Watch my Twitter for the schedule.

HijiNKS ENSUE eBook iBook iJinks Ensue Drawing Hands Is Hard

If you are a Donation Subscriber, you should have been emailed a link to download the first HijiNKS ENSUE iBook/eBook. It’s called HijiNKS Ensue: Drawing Hands Is Hard, and it contains all of the HE comics from 2007-2008 plus some neat extras at the end.

It is in iBooks format for iPad and PDF format for everything else. If you are not a donation subscriber and don’t plan to be ($2 a month? C’Mon!), you can get my eBook offerings on a pay-what-you-want donation model. My wife and I worked really hard on this and I’m pretty proud of the results. A tablet with a hi-res screen is just a fantastic way to read comics. Enjoy!

New Shirt! George R.R. You Done Yet?

George R.R. You Done Yet? Shirt, A Game Of Thrones Parody Funny Shirt George R.R. Martin

I can’t wait until the Song Of Ice And Fire septilogy (or possibly octology) is completed and my great great grandchildren can read the final book to me. Of course some will say that the small moon that contains the A.I. super computer that houses George R.R. Martin‘s consciousness is colder and less emotive than the original flesh and blood author, but I’ll take comfort in his calculated and mechanical 5 page descriptions of each and every meal because it will remind me of what it was like to eat food before the ApocaCult unleashed their famine-droids to burn-destroy all our food-crops.

This idea had been floating around in my brain-head for a time-while, but after I saw Paul & Storm’s new video for “Write Like The Wind,” I decided it was time to take action-doings.

If you are anger-frustrated with sad-waiting for the next book, let George and the world know. Head on over to Sharksplode and check it out.