Fancy Sketch Drive & HE iBooks

Finances are tight in HijiNKS land, so it’s time to raise some funds. To that end I am offering 100 very nice pieces of paper that I will happily ruin with the scribblings of your choice and I will broadcast said scribblings live on Ustream!

Live drawing broadcasts will be HERE and start this Friday (7/6) and go through the weekend. Watch my Twitter for the schedule.

HijiNKS ENSUE eBook iBook iJinks Ensue Drawing Hands Is Hard

If you are a Donation Subscriber, you should have been emailed a link to download the first HijiNKS ENSUE iBook/eBook. It’s called HijiNKS Ensue: Drawing Hands Is Hard, and it contains all of the HE comics from 2007-2008 plus some neat extras at the end.

It is in iBooks format for iPad and PDF format for everything else. If you are not a donation subscriber and don’t plan to be ($2 a month? C’Mon!), you can get my eBook offerings on a pay-what-you-want donation model. My wife and I worked really hard on this and I’m pretty proud of the results. A tablet with a hi-res screen is just a fantastic way to read comics. Enjoy!

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  1. WTF are you doing in Texas? I don't get why people live in hell by choice. You are using more resources (your own and the planet's) by trying to live outside your natural climate zone. Come live in California near the coast, I'll show you around. I don't have AC. I do need to use a fan a couple times a year. You're a webcomic writer, and you can live anywhere, yet you choose to live where you have to waste huge amounts of energy to stay comfortable. What is wrong with you?

    • I get the humor in your comment, but the tone is SUPER aggressive and hostile. Might want to dial that back in the future.

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