Book 1 Artist Edition Close Out and Other News


July 1st – July 31st will be your LAST CHANCE to get a PERSONALIZED HE BOOK 1 ARTIST EDITION until the 2011 holiday season!!!

ORDER NOW or forever (or for like 6 months) hold on to your funds!

After July 31st you will be able to order the book through my Topatoco store in regular and (non-personalized, as in “pre drawn”) Artist Edition flavors. If you want something special in your HE book 1 you must act nowish.

Donate to HijiNKS ENSUE And Get Access To The Vault!CANDID MOMENT TIME: Paying the bills has been pretty difficult ┬álately, so if you would like to see HE continue to… continue please consider making a donation or subscribing for a rolling monthly donation or picking up something from the HE Store.

I have several hundred of these books just waiting to be adopted by a good home. I’m not saying they are going to be euthanized because that implies their deaths would be painless and they are actually going to be murdered horribly if you don’t buy them.

The support of the Fancy Bastards is THE ONLY reason I am able to do HE as my full time job. I know this sounds like a desperate plee (because it is), but if and when that support dries up, so goes the comic.



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  1. Ever thought about migrating to tumblr to cut down on operating costs? just did it. only bad thing would be losing forums.

  2. In college, there was a used DVD/CD/Games store about a block from campus. You could sell some old games/DVDs there for some decent money, as well as pick up some recent games cheap. I did find an N64 there complete with Goldeneye and WCW v NWO World Tour which I think are two of the best drunk party games ever. Many a beer bet was settled with a round of Goldeneye multiplayer or a match of Keven Nash v The Giant.

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