Hotter than Ever

I had always hoped the future would be exactly like this.

We can still make this dream a reality.

On the subject of Lazers and tagging, was I the only one that watched this show?

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  1. speaking of futuristic robot things (not really, but I need to relate this to Dollhouse), AMY ACKER IS CAST FOR DOLLHOUSE!

    I'm excited. I think she deserves work. Also, my man meat. Why can't they just supplant Fred Burkle into Dollhouse? She's a scientist!

  2. That Lazertag Academy intro made me giggle hilariously. It's so preposterous!

    Also, it seems that your OpenID feature isn't working. It redirects me to "" and tells me that my comment is missing.

  3. Yah. You could always tell the stuff you were supposed to shoot/aim your ship at, because they were always weird – like computer generated static, or just generally weird colors. Good times.

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