Get Your Questions in for Podcast #12 “Male Sack”

If you’ve emailed questions or posted them in other threads, please repost them here. We’ll be recording Sunday afternoon, so act quickly! Dear God, posit your queries like there’s no tomorrow. Because there very well may not be.

Also (and don’t hold me to this), we might be talking to the Pope who is visting America. He MIGHT be calling in. No confirmation on this yet. Do you have any questions for him?

Second thing to not hold me to: George Lucas is known for crafting overly verbose titles to his movies. What movies would you like to see renamed by Lucas. Again, he MIGHT be calling in. 

Also, feel free to repost any questions that we forgot to answer last time, since we were in a hurry.

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  1. What would George Lucas call "Citizen Kane"?

    True story: I sent a letter to the pope. Not when I was a kid. Like a week ago. Apparently a lot of people think it's inappropriate to ask the pope what heaven is like, whether people have corporeal bodies in heaven, whether retards are still retards in heaven, and the like. Whereas I think anything worth believing is worth asking questions about. GI Joe taught me that knowing was half the battle.

  2. Quextion: Let's say that, in a perfect world, in some distant reality, they decide to bring back Clone High for a second season, possibly more. If you were chosen to write the first episode, how would you bring it back from the tragedy that was the freezer incident?

    What would Lucas rename "Dune" and "The Searchers"?

  3. Long time listener, first time poster. Question spawned from the fact that I listen to the podcast mostly at work (I work at a toy store chain). So, partly from that I have this question – do you guys have any favorite toys from your childhood? Toys that you'd like to see make a come back? Toys that you're wondering what the hell they were smoking when the thought them up?

    Movies Lucas should rename:
    -Rain Man
    -The Matrix

  4. On, like…Thursday night, or some shit, while I was taking a shower I totally came up with the "twist" Hollywood should use when they remake The Matrix in ~20 years. I know what The Matrix REALLY is, and it ain't no powerplant!

  5. Lucas Movies:
    Star Wars:( i know he'd come up with some crazier shit than A New Hope, now that he's richer and has more influence)
    Fight Club
    Any movie with a 1 word title.

    Question: How's "The Experiment" going?

  6. To all on the podcast, in light of the Microsoft Zune guy's madness, what is one name you wouldn't mind having yours changed to? It can be a product, place, from a film, TV show, comic, etc.

  7. To Josh: Do you hit the clubs often and if so do you have any particular songs you like? Cause I had the random urge to make a kinda gay club playlist, just stuff you can really dance to and was wondering if you had an personal favorites.

  8. Just met Coulton yesterday, and with that in mind, what is your favorite JoCo song? or songs? Top 3. Take your time.

    Followup: Do any of you have an LA face with an Oakland booty?

  9. Make him rename the movie adaptation that Mel Gibson did of Hamlet.
    PS, that movie is fucking hilarious, because you just cannot take Mel Gibson seriously, and you keep expecting him to call Claudius a k*ke and run away giggling.

  10. How would George do "Don't be a Menace to South Central while Drinking Your Juice in the Hood".
    Also, I just watched "In the Name of the King", directed by Uwe Boll. I enjoyed it for the pure crappiness and the brilliant casting (perhaps you guys might mst3k this film, mmmm?), however it begs the question as to how this joker keeps making movies. I guess he has had boxing matches with other critics and now says he may retire if an online petition reaches 1million (it's at 200,000 I think). I hear he gets subsidies for making movies with German crews, but wtf? Who sells him the rights and how does he get the actors?

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