1. The cake is a lie! (sorry) Congrats on HE: Year One. I just reread the original comic/blog post and it's nice to see you set the tone there and haven't deviated from it. Shows you had the formula right from the start. When we hit 2 years we have to throw a shin-dig. I'm in Texas as well and would gladly drive up to your neck of woods for a Fancy Bastards Ball.

  2. Ive been thinking more and more about planning for an HE Expo (HEX?) in a year or so. It would be more of a party than a con. Bands, food, art, panels and discussions + Local comic creators and such. I spent the whole drive to beaumont mapping it out in my head.

  3. Hell, just a bunch of us agreeing to meet somewhere is good enough for me. If it's going to be a big thing, we need to plan it pretty far out so myself and others can make arrangements for time off, etc. to be there.

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