HijiNKS Ensue Behind the Scenes

I wanted to share this with you guys. This is a rough sketch for the “There Will Be Blood (poptarts)” comic. It’s partially inked. I thought you might like to see part of what goes into creating the comics.

We managed to record the podcast last night. I’ll have it up in the next day or so. Oh, also a picture Eli took of a Portal Cosplayer at All-Con made it to the front page of Digg. Neato.

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  1. I'm digging your comment. Thanks for sharing the rough sketch. Often, I find the word in progress more interesting than the final result. Dugg the Portal Cosplayer too.

  2. Sorry, should have read, "I digg your comic".

    The time lapse video would rock. Suggestion: maybe just set up a digital camera on a tripod to do some stop-motion & animate it in a simple app like iMovie (Mac)? Like to see the artist, hand movements, errors etc.

  3. Well what I actually get for using OSX is an onslaught of quality independantly produced software (including fantastic screencasting apps) that are intuitive and functional but require money to pay the developers. Money I would gladly spend if it were in the budget.

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