Here’s a link to the first Tom Cruise comic on Digg. Digg it like Tom Cruise digs aliens out of people’s souls.  Did I mention this is shaping up to be a 3 part comic? There’s just so many nooks and crannies of Tom’s unbridled craziness to explore.

Monday will see Tom making his way into the city, perhaps on an ice sled or riding a giant bird.

Weekend Recap

Friday night saw my first front page Digg for a comic (the previous one was for the Guitar Hero III video). Special thanks to EvanStapler for submitting the story, and to everyone that Dugg it. As can be expected the traffic crashed my server and asploded my site. I was on the phone for 3 hours with my host trying to get it back up. I finally had to move to a more robust box (more robust = more $$$). Digg comments are a hard thing to read when they are concerning your own work. They range from innocuous to outright hateful. This was the best one:


I don’t have words for that. It’s poetry.

We were (this) close to seeing Cloverfield but got to the theater and saw this:


So we saw Sweeney Todd instead. My wife gets seasick easily and I have an inner ear/vertigo condition so I figured it best to see C-Field at home where I can sit in front of a puke bucket. Sweeney Todd was fantastic. Beautifully shot and excellently performed. The score was formidable to say the least. I enjoyed the movie even more when, in the first 15 minutes, two different sets of teenagers got up and left. “What’s all this gay singing and shit? Let’s get out of here and go have unprotected sex.”

Tom Cruise’s particular brand of crazy has been all over the net this week. In light of his galactic revelations I wanted to share this happy little accident I saw in Barnes and Noble a few weeks back:


Diggers love monster-on-landmark sex


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Apparently Josh liked the movie:

Date: Fri, 18 Jan 2008 01:52:19 -0600 [12:52:19 AM MST]
From: Josh
To: Joel Watson
Subject: OMG OMG OMG