The Modern Family Comedy Half Hour (c) 1957

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  1. I've never logged in to make a comment before, but this one made me do so. Funniest freaking thing I've seen all day (and I've been watching Zero Punctuation reviews all day).

  2. Phil had a lot of good lines, including the "early adopter" joke. Mitch's storyline was pretty good, too. The rest of the show was good, but not as memorable as the others.

      • @ hijinksensue

        According to a copy of a stag film starring a "pre-fame" Ms. Ball, that's not the only place she's the boss if you catch my drift…

  3. Damn it…I'm actually kind of amused by blatant product placement and watch that show but don't have a ton invested in it but I was bringing back my dvr to the cable company so they couldn't continue to rape me with the cost of cable and I had to not watch that episode. 🙁 DAMN YOU CHARTER! YOU BLEW UP MY WALLET DAAAAMN YOOOOUU!

  4. Probably one of the weakest episodes of the series. The worst part was that there were so many things they could have done to make it funnier, yet they missed some golden opportunities.

  5. "But darling, I was interesting in the College's 'Catering to your Husband's Every Whim' course."

    "Well, alright. As long as they go into those new fangled sexual positions. Those things damage your soft womanly brains."

  6. The "this wasn't product placement" articles are all overly-specific. This wasn't *paid* product placement (every one of the articles makes that specific distinction).

    ABC has a stake in the iPad, being one of the companies hoping to turn it into a revenue source. Steve Jobs is on Disney's board of directors, and it's a sure bet a lot of the execs and bigwigs at ABC are Apple stock holders. Plus Apple could simply offer non-cash rewards for placement (better iTunes Store listings for episodes and apps, etc).

  7. I know some companies have sued for trademark infringement over voluntary product placement like this, and I always wondered why they'd do that instead of accept the free plug. Now I think I understand. Companies that aren't shameless enough to buy blatant product placement would also prefer not to be falsely accused of it.

    • @ Steve the Pocket

      That and a high profile lawsuit gets the name into peoples heads much better than any ad ever could.

  8. 50s man has 50s Joel-fwoosh.
    This comic reminds me of my abiding wish for an episode of "I love Lucy" where she gets a sex change. Waaaaaaaah.

  9. So, has anybody ever actually found I Love Lucy funny? I mean, it's always held up as this exemplar of 50s comedy, but it really is less funny than "Archer" and "Two And A Half Men" combined.

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