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Echoing the real Josh’s Twitter sentiments: I am totally gay for Glee.

In fact, I’ve been quite gay for it since Fox premiered the pilot on Hulu almost 4 months ago. The musical element of the show gives it its voice, but thankfully it’s used sparingly. There’s typically a featured performance per episode and 1 more incidental song. It’s enough to keep the music present but not overpowering. The main female lead (sorry, haven’t learned names yet, and apparently I don’t know how to use Google) is infectious and owns every scene she’s in. One thing I especially like about Glee is the pacing. It moves quickly from plot point to song to plot point, etc. My only complaint (granted I’ve only seen 2 eps) is that all the dialog written for the only female black character sounds like it was specifically engineered to sound like it was written by a corny white guy FOR an “urban’ black girl. So far she’s a constant string of “sho-nuff’s” and “nah ahhh white boy’s.” She actually said “you’re pretty fly for a white guy” in episode 2. No black person has every uttered those words in the history of mankind.

Your thoughts on Glee? Are you A Gleek? Commentward, Ho!


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  1. I'm really gay for Glee. In fact, the three male members of my family sat around and watched it together. I can only assume, in an ironic twist, that my mother and sister were doing manly things, like shooting small animals or scratching themselves while talking about sports over cheap beer.

  2. I'm a little worried about my gay-married musicals-loving husband. He told me he wasn't all that interested in watching it. I just don't know who he is anymore. *snif*

  3. Is Josh getting more spiteful and angry in the past few months, or is it me? More heavy eye lids, and less emotion in general.

  4. I'm totally gleeking out- but I'm female, so I have an excuse? Granted, I'm a lesbian, so maybe I shouldn't like it so much…

    …But I love musicals…

    … and Kurt's completely casual attitude about being tossed into the dumpster (One day, you will all work for me.) made my FREAKING DAY!

    • It's ok. You're allowed to be a lesbian and like musicals. In fact, most lesbians I know like them enough to watch at least one a week.

      But it is hard to be gay for something when you are already gay. Oh well, I can at least pretend its Glee making me gay.

  5. I am to a GLEEK! It was a shock to hear the dialogue for the "urban" black girl. Can the writers get any more cliche? When can we get rid of stereotypes and do somthing new with certain characters? The whole show is lloking very interesting and I'm very glad it isn't like High School Musical. Which is could have been if they had crapforbrains writers. At least there that.

  6. Thanks for getting me interested in this, Joel. This show is awesome, plus, I can really relate to it, because I was the geek in High School. I wasn't the biggest geek in my school, that title belonged to one of my few friends, Shane, but I was a pretty close second. I won't go into too much detail about how geeky I was, but Shane and I used to arrive at school early so we could play a few games of chess in the library. Sometimes Shane would even bring in his 3-layer chess set.

  7. I'm totally gay for Glee but I might just be plain gay with my love of musicals and appletinis.

    I had never heard of this show since I don't watch a lot of tv on actual tv. Once again Hijinks Ensue came through and recommended another fantastic show, there was one random podcast where you guys brought up this show and I watched it that very night on Hulu and instantly fell in love. How could you not with that fantastic cover of "Don't stop believing".

  8. So, after reading this, I went and watched eps 1 and 2 back to back. I often live in a musical myself, but I also KEEP it to myself…Glee makes me want to sing and dance out loud, a proclivity I thought was much repressed.

  9. Thanks Joel! You made a boring Monday morning a chucklefest for me. I'm not a gleek, cos I can't be bothered, but the strip was laughtastic and I loved Josh's "Face-hole – stupiding" comment – I'm gonna have to try to slip that into conversations from now on. Fortunately, my kids give me plenty of opportunity to ask that sort of question and totally get stuff like that so you've started a whole new verb usage. Nicey!

  10. Watched the first 2 episodes of Glee. Songs were good, characters were a little uneven but I kinda expect that early on in a show, humor was good and the wife was a complete bitch that I want to die. Overall I give it a B.

  11. I thought the show was decent, but the musical numbers were horrible, and autotuned to death. I was waiting for Jay-Z to come out and slap some sense into them.

  12. Isn't each character a complete stereotype? Isn't that intentionally part of the writing? Pretty sure the main girl could not be more Jewish American Princess if she tried…If the writers intentionally use all over the top stock characters for this over the top show it works way better…as evidenced by the first two episodes.

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