Manzanas y Naranjas

Sorry the comic was super late-sauce today. My site had to be moved to a different server at my host for technical reasons and my chronic back pain was acting up causing me to be unable to sit in a chair for more than 15 min at a time. Plus EXCUSES EXCUSES EXCUSES I SUCK WHATEVER…

The book presale is going very well and as of this posting there are only about 10 Ultimate Fancy Editions left!


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  1. I find this strip strangely adorable. The joke is simple and silly, the low-fi aesthetics work and bits of Spanish make everything funnier. (I think that's an universal rule. Or it should be.)


    • random german angry ranting also makes everything funnier. and Benny Hill.
      add those 3 to the rulebook and you will get a MILLON POINTS!

  2. I love Joel's look in the first panel. Either he's angry that there's a Mexico Itunes store, or he's appalled at Eli's ignorance. Or both.

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