Everything I Know About James Cameron’s Avatar Movie

Alternate Title: VH1’s Flavatar Of Love

[reddit-me]I’ll be running these Lo FiJiNKS (thanks to @dubilla and @pupdog for the name) mini comics this week while I finish up a few things for the book. What book? Why, HijiNKS Ensue Volume 1: Godspeed, You Fancy Bastard of course. The preorder started at 1am central today and already half of the limited Ultimate Fancy Editions are sold. If you want one, you better jump on it.

San Diego Comic-Con was last week. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to attend, but I have been immersed in all the delicious geek news leaking out of the con. It seems like everyone is going bat tits crazy for James Cameron’s new 3D sci-fi epic Avatar. He showed 25 minutes of it at the con and the reactions ranged from “MINDBLOWING!” to “JUST SORT OF BLOWING!” I still really have no idea what it’s about other than dudes exploring an alien planet in virtual reality alien suits of some kind. If you are interested in the story, the new 3D tech Cameron developed or the reactions from fans, you can get pretty much all of it HERE.

Were you at the con? Anything you want to share? If not, what was your favorite Comic-Con 2009 announcement?


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  1. Avatar was a fucking tremendous show. One of the only good things to come out of Nickelodeon in the last 10 years. I heard that it was going to be done by M. Night Shamwowalan or whatever his name is. But shiiiit, James Cameron? All hope is lost.

  2. Joel-Just sent you a ridiculously long email through the store site. I fail at internet ordering. Sorry about that! Love this comic BTW-I'm feeling poor Josh's IMAX nausea pain!

  3. Yeah that OTHER movie is totally trying to ride Cameron's coattails. Its kinda like when you see those strait to DVD movies in the bargain bin and half of them have really familiar names like "Indy and the Tomb of Doom", "Partial Recall", "Ironing Man" and don't forget "Dark Night."

  4. I'm a nitpicker, I apologize.

    You were SUBmerged, or else you were immersed. You were not emerged. Can't happen. Physical impossibility.

    • Keeping up with all the big news form the 'Con threatened my entire weekend with getting me super-excited about all the movies I can't wait for anymore (Iron Man 2, thor, Green Lantern) and TV shows (The Clone Wars season 2 (give it a chance, Joel!), Chuck season 3, Smallville season 9). Not much there about comic books themselves that aren't in stores already (DC's Blackest Night, Marvel's Dark Reign).
      btw, Duck Amuck is my favorite Daffy Duck cartoon EVAR!

  5. ..At first I thought this was a(nother) webcomic parody.
    Anyhow, I find the 'bender-Avatar more interesting than the Cameron super secret project, even I haven't seen the original (awesome, or so I'm told) cartoon.


  6. I loved "Avatar: The Last Airbender", but I can't say that I'm looking forward to the live-action "The Last Airbender" or, on a separate but semi-related note (what with the names being similar), James Cameron's "Avatar." I'm sure that, at the very least, Cameron's flick (a 50' X 70' headache is a perfect description of what it will probably be) will be an impressive feat of visual effects… or something.

    Anyway, I quite like the Lo FiJiNKS thing. And my favourite news from Comic Con was probably that Amy Acker will be back for a few eps of season two of Dollhouse and Alexis Denisof and Jamie Bamber will be showing up too (if only briefly, in Jamie's case). Yay!

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