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For the first time in 6+ yeas, HijiNKS ENSUE has a proper About/Characters page, and an Archive page that links to and explains the different types of comics I’ve made over the years. I’ve also updated the Support page.

My Patreon blasted past the $750, so starting in April (the first month Patrons will be charged) HijiNKS ENSUE will have an official Monday/Wednesday/Friday update schedule! I am gearing up this month, so expect something very close to a M/W/F schedule for the rest of March as well.


When we hit $1000 (only $25 from now, as of this posting), I’ll start (in April) producing 2 HijiNKS Hangouts (a live streaming Google Hangout with me and some of my wonderfully interesting and funny comicer/maker friends)  a month AND I will release my ukulele cover of “Let It Go” from Frozen as a thank you to all the Patrons.

At $1500 you will get FOUR HijiNKS ENSUE comics a week, Mon-Thurs. I really hope we get there, because I am looking for something to force me/guilt me into making more comics.

 SEATTLE FANCY BASTARDS! Emerald City Comicon is in 2ish weeks! 

David and I will be at booth #1412 [MAP] right next to Cyanide & Happiness! I will have the leftover DDDT prints, other prints, books, shirts and sketches.

I’ll be doing TWO PANELS: 

“The Cyanide and Happiness Group Sketch Jam Panel” / Friday, March 28, 6:10pm, Hall B, (Rooms 608-609)
“The Experiment: Making a Living Doing What you Love” / Saturday, March 29, 6:00pm, ROOM 3AB.

More panel info HERE

HijiNKS ENSUE Woody After HoursAlso, make sure to follow the 6 comic guest arch Joel (“Comic Joel,” that is) will be doing over at Woody After Hours.

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  1. The new About page has an entry that starts with "Gracie and 6 years old"; I'm guessing that "and" should be "is".

  2. Wish I woulda bought tickets to ECCC earlier. Fridays are the only ones open now, and (damn it) I can't make it due to college classes on a Friday. Love the comic, though! Keep up the great work!

  3. So much good news in a single post.
    Not sure if "Congratulations!" or "Thanks, Joel!" is more appropriate and the portmanteaus of those things aren't funny enough for this comments section…

  4. So is Mountain Dew Code Red and Whipped Cream vodka an actual thing that you and your Hetero Life Partner Dave Willis drink? And you call it a "Hate Crime"?

    I have a similar drink: I put some ice in a glass, fill it halfway with Pepsi (you can use Coke, but I prefer Pepsi), a shot or two of vanilla vodka, and fill the remainder of the glass with strawberry soda. I call it a "Red Sky At Night."

    My best friend Gary likes to mix Green Apple Pucker, some Goldschlager (though cinnamon schnapps will sub nicely) and vanilla vodka. He calls it "Apple Pie a la Mode"

    • One time in Phoenix, David convinced me to drink vanilla (or was it Birthday cake?) Vodka with Rootbeer. Doesnt sound like it should be awful, but it was.

      I believe we aso had mountain dew with Rum, which was also NOT my favorite.

      • The next time I visit Texas (which I do every so often to visit family), you and me have to go for drinks. I promise we won't end up in Milwaukee dressed like Sailor Neptune and Uranus and married to each other. However, I can't promise that we won't wake up in Delaware dressed like Sasuke and Naruto, and in a plural marriage with some homeless guy we picked up and dressed like a member of Jem and The Holograms. (Probably Kimber, but might have actually been Aja)

  5. just discovered your comics and ran out to get some mountain dew horseblood to make the Hate Crime in a Cup. Zero regrets currently. Cheers! fan for life for reasons…

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