Science Officer To The Bridge

The IRL Saturn presentation was yesterday, and Kiddo did great. She presented all her research (this fact was my favorite), passed around the info about our Solar system that Bobak sent her, then she fielded questions from her classmates. One kid asked why they couldn’t walk on the rings of Saturn and she said, “Because my Mommy said so.” Another kid asked why God would make a planet out of gas, Kiddo just sort of stared at her and the teacher popped in with, “He can make anything.” So… yay for science?

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Patreon is essentially replacing my Paypal recurring donations, so feel free to switch over. For the full rundown, read my blog post HERE, or just watch the video on MY PATREON PAGE which explains everything in 3.5 minutes. Kiddo has a cameo and it’s crazy adorable.

HijiNKS ENSUE Patreon Video


On the 2nd day we went past $350, so I uploaded this video of me and my daughter covering Adventure Time Songs as a thank you.

HijiNKS ENSUE Daddy Daughter Adventure TIme Covers


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  1. It was cool until the god question.
    Want to have a kid and he/she talk about geocentrism and later the god magic turned it into heliocentrism… and how Jesus saved us from the land over a turtle's shell and wrapped the land into a ball, hiding the turtle inside and every time there's an earthquake is the giant turtle moving around but the holy trinity keeps it closed until the end of the world or something. *sigh
    Thanks again for making me use my diminished imagination. =)
    Excuse my bad English too.

    • I have yet to have the chance to meet him but from what i've seen of him in various media i'm pretty sure he WOULD take that as a compliment

  2. Coming from Scotland, whenever his name gets used, it's sounds a lot like the colloquial "bawbag", meaning scrotum. Which is a little less complimentary….

    He's still a dude, though.

  3. You know, the whole science/religion debate aside, to answer that kid's question, why WOULDN'T God make a planet out of gas? Seriously? Why do people ask such stupid questions? Why would any God create our planet in the first place? Why do people assume everything God does has to make sense to us? It's stuuuuuupid.

    Anyway, sorry for the rant. I think people try to make religion and science disagree in places where it shouldn't.

    • I think that's a perfectly valid question for a kid, religious upbringing or not, to ask and a sarcastic remark can't be the answer. In her day to day experience on earth most things are influenced or used by humans and thus "exist for a reason". You can't expect a girl of 6 to question her own existence.
      The size of the universe is so immense, that it's impossible to grasp for a kid that just learns to write. And it's not like you can give a definitive answer to why a planet like Jupiter exists, except that the rules of nature somehow made it happen. Why these rules exist and why we can think about why they exist is all incredibly more complex than being mean to a 6 year old girl.
      So I think the teacher's answer is a good reaction here, especially considering how easily some people get offended.

      Im not religious myself, but the girls question is absolutely understandable and more difficult to answer than one might think at first.

    • Maybe God is playing the ultimate game of Minecraft, and is just storing dirt here instead of chucking it away.

      • Well, since matter can't be created or destroyed… God made the gas giants to store the extra gas he didn't need? (they're left over bits?)

        I don't know.

  4. OK, that little music video was one of the cutest things ever in the history of cuteness.

    I don't think I've ever wanted to have a child of my own more then I do after watching that.
    Oh god, the feels…

    • Super-agreed. As much as I've always loved this comic, I know it used to make me laugh a whole lot more than I do now. I hate to say it, but the new style sometimes makes me feel like I'm just grinning politely while a friend makes me look at pictures of his kids.

      • You can save yourself the trouble of grinning politely by discontinuing your readership of this comic. Then everyone wins.

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