Emerald City Comicon Fancy Sketches Part 1

The only geek greeting you’ll ever need! The Sci-Five!
Get up on that Sci-Five shirt business!

Sci-Five Shirt from HijiNKS ENSUE At Topatoco

I must have said this 100 times over the course of the last weekend but Emerald City Comicon is THE BEST show of the year. In terms of what? Sales, fan interaction, after hours activities, location/host city, general shenanigans? Yes. The answer is yes. I have never had a weekend so packed with wonderful friends, amazing experiences, and so much excitement in my entire life. Here are some of the highlights in mostly chronological order:


  • Southwest lost one of my bags, which delayed me just long enough to run into Wheaton on the way out the airport. We had sushi for lunch. Sushi With Wheaton is my Reel Big Fish cover band [thanks twitter].
  • That night Wheaton and I met Stepto, Jason Finn [of PUSA], Marian Call and John Roderick for drinks and Wheaton bought me a beer. Even if you don’t drink a lot of beer, when Wil Wheaton buys you one you drink it.
  • Jason Finn took Stepto, Wheaton and I to his AMAZETITS italian restaurant, Via Tribunali, for [no exageration] the best pizza I have ever had in my life.
  • Stepto and I went to the Marian Call show at Fremont Abbey. She was dope. Dope and a half in fact.
  • Southwest called to say they found my bag. It had been lost in Albuquerque. The lady told me the condition they found the bag in, and I asked her to repeat herself. “Yes… shredded.” Good. I just wanted to make sure I hadn’t suddenly gone deaf with rage.


  • Day 1 of the show. Angela and I set up an epic booth-situation. She has the same “merchandising” gene that I do, which makes us great booth mates. If you got a pic of our booth, please email it to me.
  • Angela and I had a lovely sit-down family-times Tai food dinner with Bill Barnes at his home. We chatted, played ukuleles and had a wonderful time. Bill’s dog loves me the most.
  • Me, Angela and a dozen other cartoonists did some bar hopping. Someone who shall remain nameless used the pick-up line, “So what is your favorite kind of time travel?” and it worked. This is how you know you are surrounded by nerds. I was beyond impressed.

And that isn’t even the end! Read the 2nd half of my ECCC recap in the next Fancy Sketch comic post.

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        • I’d accept that as an ending. Giving us the movie as is, but burning jarjar alive would have shown that it was just a fake out, and someone actually was paying attention. It would be better to let us experience the awful, then punish him. If it just started with killing jarjar, we never would have appreciated that death.

          • I love the irony that George spent the entire Episode I making us hate the incompetent and idiotic Jar-Jar, and then making him responsible for Emperor Palpatine's rise to power.

            Was it a warning about democracy? Stupid politicians? All I know is, it was a masterful troll.

  1. Good show, sir. I hope I can contribute to making SDCC as good as ECCC in terms of fan interaction.

  2. What is this AMAZETITS Italian restaurant that you speak of? Both my gf and I are new to Seattle and would love to check it out… 😀

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