C2E2 Wrap Up and Pics

I’ve been dreading doing a massive con-report ever since I returned from C2E2 in Chicago. Why? Because so much awesome crap happened! Luckily I waited so long that someone else did all the heavy lifting for me. Fellow webcomicer and hotel roommate to the stars (or just me), Tom Brazelton did a very thorough job of summing up the best (or at least most notable) parts of the weekend. I was with or near him most of the time so you can just assume that we had roughly the same experiences.

Since Tom did all the grunt work, I will simply help paint a clearer picture of the weekend’s event with a few photos and videos.

[Me and my boothmate Gordon from Multiplex]

[The Great Steal Bean of Chicago: A gift from the same ancient astronauts that brought us bratwurst and mustaches]

[The same park had two giant glass obelisks featuring the vissage of the love child of Bruce Willis and Sly Stalone]

[Had I not seen it with my own eyes, I would have assumed “Mojo” cosplay to be impossible]

[Matt, Chris and Rob from Cyanide and Happiness. I spent most of the weekend with these guys. Let me say that tuxedos do not do them justice. They are gentlemen and scholars each. Also, I owe Chris a great debt for introducing me to the concept of “Yeti Murphy.”]

[FB Colin was a super nice dude. I drew him a picture of Denise eating a penguin and he drove me and Matt (from CnH) to the airport. Again, I say, Super Nice Dude. ]

[A closeup of Denise’s culinary adventures]

[In the future (or possibly distant alternate past) we will all be wearing pneumatic steam punk stilts]

[One webcomics fan was asking everyone to draw dicks. I asked him what kind of dick and he replied “any dick will do.” Thus my new comic was born. I still need to register the URL.]

[I spent the whole weekend staring at Erica Moen and Lucy Knisley. Not because they are pretty girls that draw awesome comics, but because they were seated across from me. You pervs.]

[Alina was across the isle and one booth over so I spent less time staring at her. Sorry, Alina. I will affix my manic gaze at you at a future con.]

[Chis and David were next to Alina.  Oddly enough I couldn’t NOT stare at them. Constantly. I really enjoyed talking Transformers with David. He is a living Encyclopedia Cybertonica.]

[One FB had heard of our exploits at the Karaoke Bar the night before and asked for a sketch commemorating a gang of comics nerds utterly destroying a drunken, stupefied bachelor/bachelorette party.]

VIDEOS [You can’t see anything but the audio is good]:

  • LINK – Me doing “Mr. Roboto”
  • LINK Dave from Dead Winter doing “Fuel” (yes that’s me chiming in in the middle). It’s a real shame I didn’t get any of him doing Megadeth.
  • LINK – Abby, Spike and Kel doing “Barbie Girl”

[After karaoke, Spike was kind enough to invite us to her home for an little after party. Here she is comforting her slightly (entirely) neurotic dog. He felt like a velvet penis.]

[I was glad that I got a chance to meet and hang out with Zach from SMBC. He wears shorts and sandals in 40 degree Chicago weather as if to damn the gods. I like this guy.]

[One of David‘s readers brought him a real KFC Doubledown. David died 23 minutes later. Rest in peace sweet prince of action figures.]

[I did not manage to steal these from the Iron Man auction. My plan was the grab it, plug it into one of the gloves them repulsor my way back to Texas.]

[I finished my stay in Chicago right with a genuine deep dish pizza and good conversation with Danielle and Jessi.]

[This is my favorite pic from the con. Me, Danielle, super-reader Marty and Uncle Randy power up our Webcomics Wonder Triplet Rings.]

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  1. Interestingly enough, my sisters and I have had the discussion of what a penguin would taste like. Fishy or chickeny? They swim and eat fish so they would probably be sushi-like, but they ARE birds, and everything tastes like chicken. Or maybe a little of both?

  2. <cries in anquish at not being in Chicago anymore> My hree favorite webcomics artists, including the one that got me hooked on webcomics. Life just isn't fair.

  3. hey Joel, do you think it would be possible to send me a high res version of the picture of the two arc reactors you took? It would be perfect as reference material for a replica I am making. If you can, please email it to schrodinger666 at gmail

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