C2E2 in Chicago This Weekend!


C2E2 is THIS WEEKEND!!! April 16-18

I will be at booth WC-B in the Webcomics Pavillion with Gordon McAlpin of Multiplex. We will be a few tables over from Girls With Slingshots/Something*Positive and right across from Shortpacked, WereGeek and Erica Moen/Lucy Knisley.

You’ll also be able to find (right in that same area) Theater Hopper, Explosm, PVP/Halfpixel/Webcomics.com, Least I Could Do/ Looking for Group and Topatoco featuring: Questionable Content, Pictures for Sad Children, MS Paint Adventures, Overcompensating, Wigu, Wondermark!, GunShow , SMBC, Nedroid and (one would assume) hundreds more!

There are a billion comic book and media types that are going to be there as well. A solid billion. I’ve counted.

I will also be a part of the Webcomics Town Hall panel which will take place Friday night in Room E450 from 7:15pm to 8:15pm.

That took me an hour to research and write. That should tell you how amazing this con is going to be. I hope to see you there!

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  1. I'm planning to be there Friday night, I can't wait this looks like it will be a really good show!

  2. Oh man. WHY did you come to Chicago AFTER I move out of the city? I'm 300 miles away and poor. I can't travel up. <whimper> Maybe GenCon in August? In Indy? I'll sell an organ to get there.

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