Try and Pull This One Off, Cosplayers

The internet wins again.

Here’s a review of Heavenly Sword(s) from The Escapist. Pay attention around minute mark 1:02. I’m not saying this is a picture of Josh dressed as Kratos from God of War from Halloween last year… but, yes that’s exactly what I’m saying.

I doff my cap to you, Internet.



Oh noes. They’ve linked it on Penny Arcade.  I guess about 3 million people just saw that video.

Fatal1ty: PwNing n00bz @ teh m4LLz0rZ

Fatal1ty @ the mall

Jonathan “Fatal1ty” Wendel was at the mall this afternoon whoring some keyboards, mice, video cards and other 1337 w4rez.

They were inviting n00bz to play against him for the chance to win $300. One frag got you the prize. The few “competitors” i saw were laid to waste in a matter of seconds.

I can see similar one sided fights coming to our local consumer hot spots:

Contest: Getting a show canceled by Fox
Against: Tim Minear
Odds: Your show gets 6 episodes aired, his is pulled after the opening credits of the pilot (4am Thursday time slot).

Contest: Destroying a beloved Sci-Fi frachize
Tag Team Match: Rick Berman and George Lucas take on all challengers
Odds: You just can’t roll with the big dogs. You lose.