HijiNKS Ensue Volume 1: Godspeed You Fancy Bastard


I’ve been working on this book cover for a week straight, so it’s the most I can muster today as far as comics go.

Here’s the deal: Starting Monday, July 27th you will be able to preorder the first HijiNKS Ensue Collection, Volume 1: Godspeed, You Fancy Bastard. I am super excited and crazy terrified about this news. I am also a little dizzy, slightly nauseous and I might be suffering from Braxton Hicks contractions and spontaneous ear wigs.

What’s in the book?

  • All of the HE comics from 2007-2008 in full color
  • “Directors Commentary” on each comic
  • A forward by Bill Barnes of Unshelved (it’s incredibly mean)
  • Early sketches of the HE characters
  • Never before seen comics from my Highschool Newspaper days

If the Preorder goes well, the books should ship in mid to late September. The first books is always the hardest, so please bear with me on the preorder and shipping times.

Many of  you have emailed and twitters to ask me how The Experiment is going. I’m glad I can finally answer with a resounding “Not So Good!

I’m going to level with you. I am pretty much out of funds to keep doing HE as my full time job. It only brings in about half the income my family needs to make it each month and the freelance gigs and such just aren’t coming fast enough. This book is either going to be the end of The Experiment or the beginning of the next phase. I’m all about beginnings, so that’s what I’m shooting for.

How can you help keep HE alive?

It’s going to cost me $6000-7000 to have the initial run of the books printed (HELLOOOO VISA!), but those books represent enough potential income to buy me a few months to figure out the next phase of The Experiment.

I’m offering the book in a few flavors for your purchasing enjoyment:


  • The book, signed and numbered
  • A special limited print of the cover image, also signed and numbered
  • A “Godspeed, You Fancy Bastard” bumper sticker
  • Upgrade to “Artist Edition” for just $10 more and I will sketch in the book, essentially ruining it

This edition of the book is for you Super Fancy Bastards that want to help with the printing costs of the book. The price includes a $10-$15ish donation. No other Vol. 1 books or prints will ever be numbered so these are one of a kind editions. If I can sell all 150 of these I can pay for ALL of the books I am printing (and sleep at night).

Artist Edition: $35

  • I will sign, personalize and sketch in your book. You can specify which character you would like sketched (but don’t get crazy)

Regular Awesome Edition: $20

  • A book, with all that other stuff, minus the fancy stuff

So, there you go. I don’t want to sound desperate, but this is either the end of the most amazing, rewarding job I’ve ever had or the beginning of something even more amazing. If you enjoy HE and want to see it continue, PLEASE preorder the book, make a donation or pick up shirt or print. I love making these comics for you and I don’t want to stop. Now that I’ve done it for 2+ years, I really don’t know how I could go back to a regular 9-5. This is my calling.

Godspeed You Fancy Bastards,


New T-Shirts + 1 Year Experimentversary

Holy effin’ crap, guys! It’s been 1 year to the day since I started The Experiment (read the original announcement here)! For new readers or old school Fancy Bastard who may have forgotten, The Experiment is my attempt to make a living from my webcomic. Originally I gave myself 4-6 months to try this out after I lost my day job. Since it’s been 12 months, you might think The Experiment has been a success. Success is a relative term. This is certainly the most rewarding job I have ever had, and I wouldn’t trade these last 12 months for anything, but as of today HijiNKS Ensue only provides a little less than half the income my family needs to meet our basic responsibilities. This income comes from your DONATIONS and store purchases. A tiny tiny tiny tiny sliver comes from advertising (almost enough to pay the car note!), and the rest comes from my personal savings. The savings well has dried up several times in the last year, but has been occasionally replenished by tax refunds and other such unexpected allocations of cash.

So now it’s “do or die” time. Phase 1 of The Experiment was all about “make the best comic you can and see what happens money-wise.Phase 2 (this is Phase 2) is all about “The comic is pretty good, let’s get serious about the money part!

A big part of the new money seriousness is that the fine folks at Topatoco will now be selling HijiNKS Ensue Shirts along with the shirts they already offer from all of your other favorite webcomics.

Check them out HERE!


This is a pretty big deal for me and it’s great news for you. Topatoco is a top notch operation and all they do is sell webcomics merchandise. The shirts are cheaper than they were before, the are professionally screenprinted and you can save on shipping when you buy multiple shirts from me or any other artist. I’m extremely excited. I really want the Topatoco guys to see they made the right choice in adding HijiNKS Ensue to their roster and a great way to show them would be to pick up one (or all) of the new shirts (hint cough hint).

What about the old store? It’s still there… for now. It’s run through Yahoo Stores and I have ALWAYS hated their back end and every other aspect of using them, so I will be shutting this store down in the next couple of weeks. You can still purchase any of the shirts or prints available in the old store as long as it’s still there. I will be moving to a different store front service (same URL for your convenience) shortly. You will still be able to buy prints there and eventually it will have the first HE book. Seriously. I’m watching my wife lay it out right now. It’s happening. I will probably still offer some of the non-Topatoco shirts in the store but not many. If there’s one you want I would suggest getting it now.

What about the Donation Drive? Your monthly donations currently total a little over $700. I am so freaking grateful for this, I can barely express it. The original idea was to reach a goal of $1500 in monthly donation subscriptions. Then the economy went to shit and the donations dried up. Anyone who has donated any amount, especially those of you that have stuck it out and continued your subscriptions have my heartfelt thanks. I’m not going to be shooting for a specific goal any more with the donations. Instead I’m just going to post the monthly totals in the sidebar of the site. I don’t want you guys to feel like “we are never going to get there” in terms of donations. What you are doing now is already more generous than I could have ever imagined.

What about The Vault? The Vault is the “premium content” site that all donators and subscribers get access to. I have big plans for it in this phase of The Experiment, but you can already get Post Shows for the HE Podcast, Destop Wallpapers, iPhone Wallpapers, unfinished art, behind the scenes/making of type stuff, and much more when you donate or subscrbe.

So that’s the current “State of The Experiment.” Treading water but hopeful. The new shirts, the book, and a few other things I have planned for this year are really going to decide the fate of HijiNKS Ensue. If you want to help (with money) you can buy a shirt, buy a print or subscribe to The Vault. If you want to help (without money) you can tell a friend about the site, post a comic on your blog, or send me an encouraging email. Every little bit helps.

Thank you all so much for making the last 12 months so geektastically amazing.


Joel Watson Creative [Freelance Illustrator, Freelance Illustration, Freelance Cartoonist]

In an ongoing effort to keep The Experiment going, I am now taking on freelance illustration, cartooning and photo manipulation (Photoshop) work. You can see some of my commissioned art at MY PORTFOLIO.

I am available for:

If you know of a project that I might be a good fit for, email me and let me know. Right now I am considering all offers (big and small). I recently designed a T-Shirt for one of our very own FB’s. You can see it here.

Freelance Illustration, Freelance Illustrator, Freelance Cartoonist, Freelance Cartooning, Dallas TX Illustrator, DFW Freelance Cartoonist, character design, graphic design

New Desktops and iPhone Wallpapers in The Vault

I just put a slew of new desktops and iPhone wallpapers based on THIS COMIC in The Vault.

To get to these goodies, you can either subscribe to The Vault to get access every month, or make a one time donation and get access for one month.

If you are new to HijiNKS Ensue, please check out The Experiment to get an idea of what this comic and your support for it mean to me.

In The Vault you will also find:

  • The HE Podcast Post Show (usually 45 min – 1 hour of extra Podcastery for each show)
  • Behind the scenes art
  • Works in Progress
  • Original concept art and early comics that have never been published before

Download iPhone Wallpapers in The Vault

Back in October 2007 i made the first HijiNKS Ensue iPhone wallpaper. Now I’ve worked up 8 more for your mobile device enjoyment.

If you are a subscriber to the Vault or have donated this month you can download them here. If you don’t know about the Vault, or the Experiment, please do read a bit about them and what I’m trying to accomplish with HE.

The wallpapers are formatted for iPhone dimensions but I’m sure you can crop and resize them to fit on other phones.

If you do download and use one, why not send me a pic of your showing off your HE iPhoney goodness?