GYFB Shirt Designs Update

This shirt design is kicking my ass but I think it’s getting stronger with each revision thanks, in no small part, to your suggestions.

After completing the Josh art I am leaning one of two directions.

Josh by himself:


Or the original layout:


Joel, Eli and the planet in the background will be light or ghosted. Probably grayscale.

I like the text much better in this split configuration. I hope to wrap this up and get it in the store in the next day or two, so get your feedback in as soon as possible.

Oh, also I’m thinking this will work best on a black shirt. Any other ideas?


Video Blog #3: Sharing is fun

Thanks for all the input on the GYFB shirt, guys. I’m going to have to put it on the backburner for today and do Friday’s comic. Maybe after I’m not staring at it for a while, the perfect idea will come to me.

Need some feedback on Shirt Design

UPDATE (4/10/08 @ 1:45pm):

I’ve been reading all the suggestions and messing around with new design concepts. I normally would just design the shirt and put it in the store, but this one is special. It’s the “I’m A Fancy Bastard” shirt. This brands you as an HE reader because NO ONE ELSE could ever understand it. Taking the best bits from all the suggestions and mixing them with my own ideas I’ve come up with these:



Ignore the background color. I just used a neutral gray to sketch over. I think Joel and Eli would be in gray tones kind of in shadow.


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