Would the Fancy Bastards fancy a Sharksplode shirt?

Based on reader suggestions (most recently from Orf) I’ve worked up some designs for a “Sharkslpode” t-shirt. Sharksploding originated from this comic, if you need a refresher course.

This one is using the art directly from the comic, so it’s either one or the other. I’m partial to the 3 panel version myself, because it tells a sharksplosion story.

I also think Im going to put up a version of “GYFB” with just the text on black. Thoughts?

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Shirt Order Update

If you have placed an order since April 1st, I will be ordering your shirt from the printer tomorrow and shipping out as soon as they arrive. I hope to be placing shirt orders every two weeks from here on out and weekly as soon as the store really picks up.

Thank you for your patience as I am using a new supplier and am getting adjusted to the new process. I really appreciate your support.

That also means if you are planning to order a shirt and would like to receive it with the first batch, you should probably order it before Thursday (the 17th) afternoon. 

I would also like to get your feedback on the items I am working on adding to the store. Let me know which items hold the most interest for you.

  • More shirts – I hope to get a new design up every week or two.
  • Prints of comics – These would be full color prints, suitable for framing, about 8.5×11″ size. They would also be signed.
  • Stickers – haven’t found a printer yet for these but I have some designs in mind. Do you know of a good sticker printer? Do you have a sticker you would like to see? Sharksplode?
  • E-Book – with behind the scenes info on the making of the first 100 comics (I’m not to 100 quite yet). It will have sketches, outlines, script notes and an mp3 with audio commentary.
  • Real Books – here’s a dilemma. I would love to print an HE book in full color (preferably the first 2 years of comics) when the time comes, but that is a ways off. I can’t do full color with a print on demand site like Lulu.com because they would charge ME $25-35 per book depending on page numbers. I wouldn’t want to charge more than $20 for the book to YOU guys. That means I can either have NO books for a very long time, or do a black and white book (very affordable through Lulu) with the first 100 comics. If you bought that, it would be with the knowledge that a full color version would be on the way 8-10 months later. Would HE make any sense in B&W. Don’t know how I feel about that.


I might not be able to place the order until tonight or tomorrow (Friday the 18th) morning, so if you want to get yours in, go ahead.