Bigger Better Comic Prints Are In The Store!

NEWS! Super giant HE comic prints are available at Topatoco now!
HijiNKS ENSUE Comic Prints

I’ve always thought my comics looked at least 60% better when viewed at a larger size. Now when you buy a comic print you can get them at the size I actually draw them! No more secret pixels that only I know about. Also, when you click “Buy A Print” beneath a comic it will autofill the URL of the comic in your order. Pretty cool stuff.

Just so you know, this is relative size difference between the web art you see on the site and the size of the art on the new prints:Continue reading

Limited “Riker?” Shirt & 5 Shirt Closeout Sale

The “Riker? I Hardly Know Her!” shirt was going to be my next big production run, but the reaction to it was split between “I’m a Trekkie and I love it!” and “I’m not a Trekkie and you’re dumb!” So if you get the joke, and you think it’s funny, teh shirt will be available for purchase until February 20th in the HE Store.

Riker? I Hardly Know Her! T-Shirt

Riker? I Hardly Know Her! T-Shirt

Also I’m cleaning house in the HE Store, so until Feb 20th these 5 shirt designs will be on sale for $18 then retired for the foreseeable future. You can probably find a 15% discount code if you check out my Twitterfeed.

UPDATE: All discontinued shirts have been moved HERE. Email store(at)hijinksensue(dot)com if you would like to inquire about ordering one.