No comic today, Dallas Observer, Desktops & STORE UPDATE!!!

What is going on? What am I doing? Where is the comic? What the crap?

I have several projects that I am wrapping up this week and just didn’t have time to finish today’s comic without rushing. I will be posting it Monday. Lot’s of cool stuff in the works.

First: If you are in Dallas, TX, pick up this week’s Dallas Observer. I’ve been doing story art for them for the last couple of weeks. It’s been a lot of fun. This week the story is about a “Singstar PS2 Mall Tour.” I will find out if I’m allowed to post the art here. Maybe as a desktop.

Second: Desktops! I’m working on them now. I will be posting an “Extras” Page (hopefully) this weekend for your downloading pleasure.

Magically Fabulous Shirt

Last part!: THE STORE!!!! OK, fellas, here’s the deal. The shirt orders are trickling in but not fast enough to warrant all this presale nonsense. You may have noticed that I took the “Wizard Pride” shirt down. There just weren’t enough orders to have them printed. Well F to that. I want those super cool people to have those super cool shirts. This weekend I will be launching a new store through Bountee is a fulfillment service like CafePress or Zazzle but instead of super crappy iron-on transfers, they use a super

awesome Direct to Garment Printing Process. This is real ink on real shirts that are retail quality. They even do dark color shirts.

If you have already preordered: I am in the process of converting your preorders to Bountee orders. The good news is that you will get your shirts a lot sooner. The bad news (for me) is that I didn’t charge enough during the presale, so I will be losing money on these shirts. YOU STILL WIN!!!
If you haven’t ordered yet: The bountee store will be up this weekend. There will also be some new designs. I will post a link on the site as soon as it is live. The shirts are a couple of dollars more but they ship internationally for $5 and do not charge more for XXL sizes.

The Magically Fabulous shirt is available from right now!

The Wizard Pride shirt will be up shortly!

T-Shirt Presale Ends 11/30/07

Thanks to everyone that has ordered a shirt so far. You will notice that I’ve put a final date on the t-shirt presale of 11/30/07. I want to make sure everyone that has ordered gets their shirt in a timely fashion.

Now the bad(ish) news. If I don’t have enough orders by the end of the presale, I don’t know if my printer will be able to print the shirts. In that case I will have to scramble to find a backup printer that will do smaller runs.

The Challenge!

1) Anyone that can get the site, the store, or the shirt designs linked on a major site (Digg Home Page, Boing Boing, Etc) will get a free shirt of their choice (hell, make it two) and anything else I can throw at them in the way of favors and kudos.

2) Anyone that can get 5 or more people to buy a shirt them email me with their names will get a free shirt of their choice.

We’ve got roughly 3 weeks left to go in this presale. Afterwards, depending on the response I will start another or move on to a new shirt design.

Suggestions for how to spread the word, let me know! comics (at) hijinksensue (dot) com.

Gay Dumbledore Shirts Update: Girls’ Tees and More Sizes!!!

I got quite a few emails and comments about adding girls’ tees and plus sizes. I checked with my printer and I’ve added girls’ tees in both styles and sizes up to 2XL. Sorry if you needed anything larger but that is all they offer. I hope to expand the style and size choices in the future.

Thanks to everyone who has ordered so far. If you were waiting for the new styles and sizes to order, get to it! Seriously, the sooner I meet a minimum order quota, the sooner I can print the shirts and get them out to you fantastic people.


Dumbledore is Gay Shirts are here!

Where’s the comic? Why didn’t I have time to make one? Here’s why:

That’s right! The HijiNKS Ensue Store is open for bid-ness. Expect more shirts coming soon. I worked all last week on these designs so the comic had to be put on hold. Not to fret! Comics will be back on Thursday with scary Halloweenish themes! Do me a favor and Digg the store.