New Desktops and iPhone Wallpapers in The Vault

I just put a slew of new desktops and iPhone wallpapers based on THIS COMIC in The Vault.

To get to these goodies, you can either subscribe to The Vault to get access every month, or make a one time donation and get access for one month.

If you are new to HijiNKS Ensue, please check out The Experiment to get an idea of what this comic and your support for it mean to me.

In The Vault you will also find:

  • The HE Podcast Post Show (usually 45 min – 1 hour of extra Podcastery for each show)
  • Behind the scenes art
  • Works in Progress
  • Original concept art and early comics that have never been published before

Download iPhone Wallpapers in The Vault

Back in October 2007 i made the first HijiNKS Ensue iPhone wallpaper. Now I’ve worked up 8 more for your mobile device enjoyment.

If you are a subscriber to the Vault or have donated this month you can download them here. If you don’t know about the Vault, or the Experiment, please do read a bit about them and what I’m trying to accomplish with HE.

The wallpapers are formatted for iPhone dimensions but I’m sure you can crop and resize them to fit on other phones.

If you do download and use one, why not send me a pic of your showing off your HE iPhoney goodness?

New Desktop Wallpaper and Experiment Update

Today we reached $600 in monthly donation subscriptions. Thank you all so much. We are nearly halfway to the $1500 monthly goal. I am so grateful for you generosity.

As of last month I am looking for part time work or freelance/contract work in order to keep the Experiment and HE alive.


If you know of anyone (your company perhaps) that might require my services (illustration, graphic design, writing, etc) please drop me a line. I am also available for personal contracts like logo design or freelance illustration.

If you or anyone you know would be interested in SPONSORING HijiNKS Ensue, I am working on the details of a sponsorship advertising program now. Please let me know. You know what kind of audience HE attracts, so you probably know if HE is a good fit for your company or organization.

Here’s a new desktop wallpaper for anyone that that donates or subscribes to the Vault:

Thanks, guys!