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The “Male Sack” was a huge success last time. Your questions were fantastically geeky and created some great moments on the HE Podcast. Let’s go ahead and make this a regular thing. Hit me with your questions. Same format as last time.

I know this is short notice but it’s been a busy week.

BIG ANNOUCNEMENT coming next week. Sit tight.

(remember I won’t answer your questions in the comments. We’ll save them for the show.)


We are going to be interviewing (hopefully) the guy who owns the house where Joss Whedon filmed scenes for “Dr. Horrible“. He probably can’t say much, but if you have questions for him, let us know.

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  1. Any suggestions for good SciFi books? (or do we only do TV, movies, and comics around here?)

    Please answer in Mexican Star Wars voice.

  2. anything and everything. if we're interested in it then we'll talk about it. if you are interested in something let us know and we'll check it out….or at least i will try to

  3. Hmmm…how about: create an outline for a new Joss Whedon-esque show using the Hijinks characters and a few other favorite sci-fi/fantasy characters. If that's too broad, you could narrow the other characters down to ones from a single show/series/movie.

    Of course, if you come up with something too good, you might have to burn copyright notices all over the podcast…

  4. wow, it's gonna be hard to think of questions not already asked last time. you guys were really thorough. surprisingly so, actually.

    You folks watch Frisky Dingo? It's from the guys who made Sealab. It's much less random, with an overarching storyline. You sorta have to watch them in order to get it.

  5. I'm not sure if this has been answered before, in either comic, 'cast, or comment form, but what was the first hijink that ensued amongst the three of you?

  6. uh, i guess that was really my only Frisky Dingo question.

    I guess you could have Eli and Josh talk about "sunny in philadelphia", if they want.

    also, BOOSH! I just finished watching the show. They sure did go nuts with the death this past season, eh?

  7. Can you open or close the cast with Adam Snadler's 'At a Medium Pace'?

    What's the Arrested Development movie going to about plot-wise and will the show pick up again?

  8. Last time you said there were only about 800 of us listening. I think you were talkin out your Jesus-ass. Any real estimates on how many people visit the site or listen to the podcast?

    You talked a little bit about how this project got underway last time, but I wanna hear some more about how each of you got involved in the comic and/or met each other (including funny moments).

    Could you have Eli's abuelita declare that she's sick of all these motherfucking snakes in this motherfucking jungle? If it doesn't hurt Eli's feelings >.>

    Amusing t-shirts. You could share your favorite designs on-air, if you want. Totally optional.

    Also, I wanna nag you about that manifesto you keep teasing. Help a brutha out.

    Do you guys know about Encyclopedia Dramatica or Raptor Jesus? Here's a link that includes both.
    My favorite part of this meme:

    Have you heard about the lolcat bible?

    Thanks once again for the awesome podcasts ^_^

  9. If you could have Joss Whedon resurrect one spin off project from the Buffyverse what would it be?

    What TV shows would you like to have a musical episode? The show can be currently on television or one that was canceled.

  10. Joel, is there any job you haven't done? What's the longest period of time you've kept down a job?

    Treebeard, do you get morning wood, or does morning wood get you?

    Eli, have you tightened up the graphics on level 3 yet?

    Josh, want to go camping?

  11. What kind of kilt does Josh wear? If it is a Utilikilt, what model is it? Bonus if this one is answered in Sexy German.

    What are your opinions on the live action Discworld specials done by Sky One?

    On an earlier podcast I believe you mentioned Project A-kon, the anime convention in Dallas. I am curious if you have gone or are considering going to it.

  12. Does anyone watch "The Big Bang Theory"? The last show opened with them arguing about why the Terminators from "The Sarah Connor Chronicles" look different then they did in the movies, and also why Skynet would create a hot young female Terminator.

    It's one of only a few shows I watch, and I enjoy it greatly.

  13. How Did you guys feel about the Toxic Avenger series?…I'll take the two hour Please? How does Cloverfield Feel about that? What are your favorite movies? (everyone likes to know more about the writers of the webcomics they are interested in. I felt honored to get the end of the podcast last time. I was like "Oh crap, They aren't gonna have time to get to it." I was surprised it rocked. Thanks and keep it up.

  14. How did you guys feel about the Toxic Avenger series?…, I'll take the two hours please? How does cloverfield like that?( I mean really they have been used in ways I can't even imagine)
    What are some of your favorite movies? ( It's cool to know more about the people that make the cool webcomics happen.)
    I felt honored being the closing note of the last podcast. I was suprised because I thought you weren't going to have time to get to my questions.
    Thanks and keep up the good work.
    (more ass-kissing here……………………………………………………………………………)

  15. Cryptonomicon? That's for pussies. Try the Baroque Cycle on for size. I enjoyed it, but don't know if I could actually "recommend" it to anyone else.

  16. Yeah, I started it, but I was horrified to see what grad school does to your recreational reading. It's all science now >_<. I wanna finish it super bad, but I agree with you on being hesitant about recommending it. I feel safe recommending Cryptonomicon to fellow collectors of entertaining miscellany.

  17. Hey, did you guys watch Dark Skies back in the 90's, any feedback? also any idea if they will ever release on DVD (I am guessing it will come out on your side of the planet well before getting here – New Zealand)

  18. I'll chime in on being leary about recommending The Baroque Cycle too. My roomie is a total history buff, but even so, I don't think it'd be his cup of tea. I just keep remembering slogging through the first book wondering if it was going to ever be worth it and if I'd ever remember who all these characters were. I picked up the second book because I felt committed to it, but at that point things took a turn and I couldn't put them down. But it's that first book hump that makes me worry about telling other people to pick it up.

    On a side note, anyone have any good info on the next Stephenson book that's supposed to be coming out in September?

  19. Loving the podcasts, keep up the good work.

    With all the talk about sci fi show I was wondering if any of you guys are fans of Doctor Who, old or new? Please respond as a Dalek.

    Also was wondering, are you guys are into anime at all?

  20. Space Opera and math! I've totally loved his recent work, and it reminds me a bit of recent Gibson too, but I do love me some science in my science fiction.

    Speaking of sci fi with math and aliens, anyone else out there read the Signals duology by Eric S. Nylund? They were at the top of my list of books to start on when I decided to spend the better part of 08 re-reading things. And like the first time, I could hardly put them down. Just curious if anyone else has enjoyed those two gems.

  21. 2 questions: 1.) Is it true that the only palatable window for cunnilingus is the first fifteen minutes following a scrubbing in a hot-hot bath? 2.) I've picked up "Carmen Miranda's Ghost is Haunting Space Station Three" -should I have bothered?

  22. rather than look this up on the site somewhere, I want to get the answer on podcast #12. I see #11 is now up, so too late for that. "Hijinks Ensue" as a name could come from anywhere, but I have just watched the gag reel on the Firefly box set and Fillion makes a pretty similar comment about the hijinks that ensue on set. Coincidence?
    Also, talk about the Clone Wars animated theatrical release. See it? wait a few weeks? be generally annoyed and then relent after it hits dvd?

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