SEATTLE FANCY BASTARDS! Emerald City Comicon is next week!

ECCC is my absolute favorite convention of the year, and it is SHOCKINGLY close to happening nowish. David and I will be at booth #1412 right next to Cyanide & Happiness! I will have the leftover DDDT prints, other prints, books, shirts, Wil Wheaton plushies and sketches.

Emerald City Comicon 2014 Booth Map!

I’ll be doing TWO PANELS: 

  • “The Cyanide and Happiness Group Sketch Jam Panel” / Friday, March 28, 6:10pm, Hall B, (Rooms 608-609)
  • “The Experiment: Making a Living Doing What you Love” / Saturday, March 29, 6:00pm, ROOM 3AB. THIS is the one I REEEEEEALLY need you to show up for. My first ever totally SOLO panel.

More panel info HERE

Seattle always takes AMAZING care of me, but for the uninitiated, offerings in the forms of tasty treats (cookies, cakes, Cadburry Creme Eggs, Starbucks Doubleshots [the tiny cans, NOT the energy drinks]) and tasty booze (DELICIOUS BOOZE) are always accepted and appreciated.

Tiny booze bottles will have their contents slipped stealthily into my drinks at restaurants, while larger bottles will have to contents shared with my cartoonist friends in various hotels rooms in your fair city.

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  1. OK, a bit hollow chocolate egg, with normally some other related chocolate products around it. The links show a cadburys crème egg one, which unfortunately isn't a 5" high crème filled egg, but is a 5" (I'm guessing a bit at size) hollow Cadbury's chocolate egg packaged with some normal crème eggs. I've looked through the Walmart 'easter candy' stuff online and it doesn't look as if it's an American thing…

    In order to assuage parental guilt you often also get the hollow eggs along with merchandise (so in a branded mug, a bit like a normal egg in an egg cup).

  2. What is ECCC's policy on bringing booze in? It is clear that you aren't allowed to consume it inside, but less clear on bring it in as a gift for someone else.

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