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As he mentions in the post, Scott Kurtz lives a couple of blocks from me in a suburb of a suburb of Dallas, TX. Since November of ’07 I’ve been listening to his “Webcomics Weekly” Podcast. I have to say that the real world advice I’ve gotten from him (Kris, Dave and Brad) through the podcast has been invaluable.

A good portion of the inspiration for “The Experiement” was based on my “Webcomics Weekly” tutelage.

A few months back, Scott was gracious enough to invite me out to dinner and let me hang out at his studio while he and his cohorts recorded the podcast. It was a fun experience and really galvanized that fact that people ARE making a living from online comics and some are doing in it my own town.

Lately he’s been suffering from various minor illnesses, literally one after another. When he posted that he was too sick to work I figured I would repay his kindness with a guest strip.


[EDIT: Guest strip has since been removed from the website. You can see it below.]


It was a  challenge to draw somebody else’s characters, and write a joke in their style. It was also a challenge not to completely mimic Kurtz’s art style. In the end I was really pleased with out how turned out and I appreciate that he ran it.

If you are looking to get into webcomics, either professionally or as a hobby, I strongly recommend picking up their book, “How to Make Webcomics.” It’s four artists that actually live this life giving away all of their tips and secrets.


Here’s the original sketch I did of Brent and Jade. Though you guys might like to see some of the “behind the scenes magic…something something.”


(click to embiggen)

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  1. 1) You got your HijiNKS in my vs. Player!
    2) You got your Player in my ENSUE!


    (I'm a bad Star Trek geek, I always just assumed they were the same character, but if that was always the case in the Trek universe that same actor = same character, Tuvok has a lot of explaining to do about that time he was a human and tried stealing radiation from the almost empty Enterprise and got killed)

  2. "Though you guys might like to see some of the 'behind the scenes magic…something something.'"

    Always. Following other peoples' creative process if fascinating. I bought 14 volumes collecting the JMS B5 scripts mostly just to read his thoughts on how each script came about or evolved from the original idea to the finished form. I think I've only read maybe 2 or 3 of the scripts themselves.

  3. From Memory Alpha: "Reasons for not simply bringing back the Locarno character have varied. It may have been because they would have had to pay royalties to the writers of "The First Duty" every episode, though in interviews, the producers of Voyager have said they felt Locarno's actions in that episode made him irredeemable, or at least less interested in redemption than Paris was."

  4. What Sean said.

    For what it's worth, my copy of "Birds Are Weird" arrived today. I never donated to Club PA when that's how they were making a living off PA, but I've bought two shirts, all of the books, and even the decks for their CCG. I don't play CCGs.

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