1. Have you thought about doing commissioned art? I met a local comic book artist in my area who has done work for Grant Morrison and is currently doing covers for Robin and interiors for The Flash at DC Comics. He made some decent money doing commissioned art.

  2. why geeks? because we're just amazing.
    I'll definatly be buying a couple t-shirts once I get my paypal account working again
    and I'm sure that we all want Fancy Bastard certificates to hang on our walls

  3. Do you have a deadline for when the experiment must succeed by? Whether a time-limit, or a bank-account balance, or the finite patience of Mrs. Watson is immaterial (well, I mean, it's not, really, but THAT level of transparency turns into voyeurism). I'm jealous that you're at a place where you can give this a go; my wife and I both earn decent middle-class/professional incomes and the housing market here is such that in planning for our 2nd kid we're going to have to take out a 500,000+ mortgage.

    I mean, really, what the fuck? Me, with a half-million dollar mortgage? That's insane, and makes me quiver with paranoia over this looming recession. It also means that I'll keep plugging away at my well-paying but dead-end 8-5 job forever.

    I find your call to get creative with the comic interesting, very cool, and eerily prescient. Just last night I got another bug up my ass about The WarSun Prophecies; something about the title and cover art for that volume just begs me to start typing. I enjoyed the remixes people were submitting awhile back, and every so often someone links to Garfield Minus Garfield, and I at least smile every time.

  4. I'm cheering for you already share the comic with my friends, I want a godspeed shirt. my wife and I have already done our part for JoCo we're ready to do the same for hijinks.

    also, why not have a video podcast with the whole gang, oh wait the file size would be ginormous…oh well community television FTW

  5. I was saving this for a video blog (still might use it), but the deadline is financial and fear based. In 4 months I will be almost out of money and I want to have a good idea of whether this is going to work or not. Its its picking up I can continue for a few more months and see what happens. If its going nowhere I will have to start looking for a job.

    Please dont take this the wrong way, but $500K mortgages are the very "chains" that keep us from doing what we want to do with our lives. Debt is an evil engine that keeps us tied to a dead end job or fearful of taking risks. I have a mortgage too, and 2 cars and bills and a baby. These are the things that make me terrified to TRY anything. In the end we get exactly one shot to be happy and I refuse to let these systems of control keep me from making the most of it.

  6. joking aside, unless the deal was extremely lucrative and beneficial, i would love to retain all ownership of this IP for the foreseeable future. I WILL sell out if and when it would be stupid not to (ie Cartoon Network comes knocking).

  7. Thank you both for the support. Im keeping the "Experiment" to just me because its not part of the "entertainment" of the site. Its more my way of chronicling my attempts to do this comic for a living.

  8. God knows, the finances are all part of the engine that delivers this content–so it plays its part. That being said, push comes to shove, have a pledge drive! -Seriously; if NPR can do it, I don't see why you can't. Oooh! Oh! Oh-Oh! Have a pledge meter, and the pledge meter is Josh, and the more money that gets donated, the more clothing that comes off. Dude, it's a million dollar idea!

  9. Oh, don't worry, I'm well aware that no one is chaining me but me; I'm no Atlas, and this ain't no God of War game (I'm not nearly Joshly enough to be Kratos). I can't even pretend to deny that the chains aren't of my own forging. In fact, I know the very moment of doom: I've always played videogames (at least "always" since my parents bought a 286 lo these many decades ago), but right up until someone sent me the entire Quake 2 install over ICQ writing and reading were my primary hobbies. Ever since that ~300mb finished transferring, though, if there's time to be spared I've wasted it playing games or surfing the net instead of typing.

    It kind of sucks, being cognizant that it's your own laziness that's preventing you from striving for your dreams yet being unable to break the apathy and get the fuck on with it.

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