42 – Büsker Dü

The Noise Hole with Dave and Joel
The Noise Hole with Dave and Joel
42 - Büsker Dü

It’s Dave’s birthday, Noise Bois! Let’s celebrate by busking out in the cold, dreary street, and hope some scarlet-haired beauty with the voice of an angel will come and delivery us from musical obscurity, and certain starvation. Also, Gary has a mic in this episode! A mistake that I assure you will NEVER happen again.

  • “I’m A Busker” by Philly Busker Boy
  • A digression on the de-evolution of sea mammals
  • “It’s Dave’s Birthday” by Joel and Gary
  • Joel gets his eyes lasered off
  • “I’m Just A Tuna” by Joel’s Laser Eye Surgeon 
  • Dave looks terrible for 34, GREAT for 35
  • A birthday prank on Dave
  • “I’m A Summer Sausage” by Dave and the 35 Year Olds
  • “When I First Saw Your Eyes” by Busker and Crone
  • Purchasing your personal style: A Tale of Chain Wallets
  • “I’m A Crust Punk” by Crusty and The Butt Flaps
  • Romanticizing dirtbag culture
  • “Guh! (I’m A Punk Boy)” by Screeching Weasel 
  • “Guh! (I’m A Punk Boy) (Reprise)” by Crusty Busker
  • Patreon Spotlight: Is it too easy to get famous without talent?
  • “Silly Billy Doop Doop” by Jake Paul
  • Nirvana’s award show beef with Guns N’ Roses
  • Nirvana Chat: 2 good years?
  • Is Nirvana’s Incesticide a real album?
  • Is a band less real once they break up or die?
  • Dave’s childhood science magazines teach him about Freddy Mercury
  • Freddy Mercury as a YouTuber?
  • Does celebrity = talent? Did it ever?
  • The Cobains’ reality show
  • “The Ballad of The Noise Hole Patreon” by Busker and Crone
  • “Hey! (It’s The Noise Bois)” by Busker and Crone
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