43 – Kiss Me Under The Turkey

The Noise Hole with Dave and Joel
The Noise Hole with Dave and Joel
43 - Kiss Me Under The Turkey

DECK. THOSE. HALLS, Noise Bois! It’s That special time of year where we all think about what we want, and talk about what we want, and leave unsubtle hints about what we want in hopes that someone close to us (or otherwise obligated to us) will purchase them, and hand them to us, relinquishing all claim to the item. A joyous time of fellowship, food, and commercialism! I hope you’ve been nice, but I KNOW you’ve been naughty, so get ready to suck coal out of a sock: IT’S THE NOISE HOLE CHRISTMAS EPISODE!!!

  • “Christmastime For Everyone” by David Bowie and Lemmy Killmeister 
  • Joel snatches Gary’s letter to Santa
  • How do the bois celebrate the holidays?
  • Dave’s Christmastime tips!
  • “Christmas Is The Season” by Rage Against The Machine
  • David Bowie and Bing Crosby’s Christmas duet
  • X-Factor’s Christmas marketing strategy 
  • Joel’s Apple Music Year in Review!
  • When/where do you listen to music and why?
  • “Two Little Boys On A Bed Wearing The Same Sweater” by Death Cab For Cutie
  • Tegan and Sara, and listening to bands that are totally outside of your wheelhouse
  • Live versions vs. studio versions of songs
  • Aurora and whaling/whining Scandanavian bands
  • Dave’s Spotify 2019 Wrapped!
  • Cromags vs. Cromags 2
  • Hardcore vs. Metal: What’s the difference?
  • NOFX: A band the whole family can enjoy
  • Megadeth’s Irish faux pas
  • The Denny’s hardcore show
  • Dave’s top tracks of THE ENTIRE FUCKING DECADE?!
  • “Sweet Davey Baby” by James Taylor
  • Dave is a closet Bon Jovi SUPERfan 
  • “Insect Nightmares” by The Lillingtons 
  • “I’m Your Artist of The Decade” by Tom Waits
  • Dallas Noise Boi Meetup at Grungefest in January! 
  • The number 1 Christmas song of all time: “First Christmas” by Jesus Christ
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