41 – The Puckered Tight Power Hour

The Noise Hole with Dave and Joel
The Noise Hole with Dave and Joel
41 - The Puckered Tight Power Hour

Noise Bois, this episode is all about finding your voice… finding your Noise Vois, as it were. The Bois challenge a few bands to defend their honor in the ring, and get pretty deep into Scott Stapp from Creed’s love of fish. It’s BIG pizza fuck energy, all the way down!

  • “Two Boys At The Bar” by Two Boys At The Bar
  • “King Of The Bathroom” by Two Boys At The Bar
  • “The Puckered Tight Power Hour Theme Song” by The Noise Bois
  • How Joel manages Gary
  • “(Arnold Says) Spin The Long” by Arnold Schwarzenegger 
  • “Slowly Chase The Robot” by Arnold Schwarzenegger 
  • Arnold vs. the Gym Dweeb
  • What bands are the Noise Bois as good as?
  • The Noise Bois issue a challenge to Korn
  • “Davey Don’t Do Again” by Korn
  • “Summer Slam” by Korn vs. The Noise Bois
  • “Grundy, Give Me A Pie” by Korn
  • Your dying Granny regrets not getting into Korn
  • “Amazing Grace” by Korn
  • Learning to sing by doing vocal impressions of popular singers
  • “Singin’ ‘bout Titties and Puss” by Any 80s Hair Metal Band
  • “Singin’ ‘bout Death” by Any 90s Grunge Band
  • “That’s My Sound” by Eddie Vedder
  • Creed goes to a fish restaurant 
  • “Fisherman” by Creed
  • “I’ll Take Pepsi” by Creed
  • What did Joel do with free Scott Stapp tickets?
  • “Free Scott Stapp Tickets” by Creed
  • “Pick Pizza Fuck Energy” by Creed
  • Mark Tremonti survived Creed
  • Joel has a musical awakening in his early 20s
  • “Basketcase” by Green Day if they were from Northern Ireland
  • Why does every singer in the world sing in a neutral American accent?
  • The vowels of 90s American alternative singers
  • STP were accused of biting Pearl Jam’s style
  • The vocal evolution of Scott Weiland
  • Joel’s manager at Guitar Center in 1999 almost makes him cry
  • “Orange Pop’s Revenge” by Stone Temple Pilots
  • “Hey! (It’s The Noise Bois)” by Stone Temple Pilots
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