40 – Billie Joe Armstrong Is Sexually Ravenous

The Noise Hole with Dave and Joel
The Noise Hole with Dave and Joel
40 - Billie Joe Armstrong Is Sexually Ravenous

Gravy greetings, Noise Bois! Or should I say, Tone Turkeys? No, I shouldn’t. I’m sorry. That was Gary’s idea. As you stuff yourself with seasonal meats and treats, please use this episode as an escape from your terrible family. There’s no reason to suffer this holiday season, when you can pop in your headphones and disappear down the Noise Hole. Take THAT, Uncle Jerry, you goddamn racist.

  • “Thanksgiving (What A Time To Be Free)” by The Gravy Brothers
  • An update on Babbages and Starfox 64
  • Why does the world think all Americans are stupid? Oh, right. 
  • “Wizard Boy” by The Gravy Brothers
  • “Wizard Boy 2: The Sequel” by The Gravy Brothers
  • What genre of music is the easiest to jump into? 
  • DIY punk ethos
  • “You Don’t Need To Be Good” by Every Punk Band
  • All music is punk rock if you remove enough extraneous bullshit
  • “When The Levee Breaks” by Led Zeppelin except punk, and all the lyrics are wrong
  • Is Gary a Harlequin Baby? 
  • Green Day’s trajectory from punk to mainstream pop
  • David Geffen demands Green Day reinvent themselves
  • “David’s Plan” by Green Day
  • The Ghost Of Joey Ramone haunts Billie Joe Armstrong
  • “Gimme That NHL Money (Baby)” by Green Day
  • Billie Joe has a realization while in a boy pile
  • “Jimmy’s Chode” by Billie Joe Armstrong
  • Patreon Spotlight: Rock covers of Disney songs
  • Dave loves Tangled
  • Sloppy punk version of Tangled’s “I See The Light” by NOFX 
  • “Evermore” from Beauty And The Beast by Load-era Metallica
  • Thrash = Punk + 10% more effort
  • Soup shoes and new News!
  • “Hey! (It’s The Noise Bois)” by The Gravy Brothers
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