32 – Rock & Roll Ambivalence

The Noise Hole with Dave and Joel
The Noise Hole with Dave and Joel
32 - Rock & Roll Ambivalence

I hope you’re ready for songs about sandwiches, and the nastiest, snottiest punk rock this side of London circa 1982, Noise Bois, because that’s precisely what you’re gonna get in this FIRST EVER Noise Hole episode recorded in THE ACTUAL NOISE HOLE!!!

  • “I’m A Hungry Boy” by John Mayer
  • John Mayer and Seal at Live 8
  • “Please Don’t Eat Me, Dude” by John Mayer and Seal 
  • Dave and Joel dive into the Noise Hole Actual
  • “The Ballad of Beautiful Noise Bois” by Dave McElfatrick
  • Dave defends Subway subway sandwiches
  • “A Message to The Leaders of The Free World” by Subway
  • Joel’s memories of Audioslave at Live 8
  • Green Day sells out to the NHL?
  • “Hockeycase” by Green Day
  • “Hockey Of The Day” by Metallica
  • Metallichat: James’s addiction relapse / Does being a millionaire destroy your rock/metal/punk cred?
  • Empathy for celebrity addicts vs. regular dickheads
  • Paul Rogers and Bad Mittens
  • Can music festivals save the Earth?
  • Rock & Roll Ambivalence with Van Halen
  • Van Halen isn’t allowed to play covers
  • “Smells Like Teen Spirit (Baby)” by Van Halen
  • “Jamie’s Cryin’’ by Nirvana 
  • Rock & Roll Conspiracies: Manic Street Preachers edition
  • “Messy Nessy” by Manic Street Preachers ft. Snotty Punks
  • “In The Beginning” by Johnny Boogers and Tony Skidmark
  • Dave’s fake snotty punk rock band, The Shits
  • “Your Granny’s Fanny” by The Shits
  • “Clint Eastwood” by The Shits
  • “Hashpipe” by The Shits
  • “Alive” by The Shits
  • The Shits are too crazy for Ozzy
  • “Crazy Train” by The Shits
  • “Fuck Gary” by The Shits
  • “Kiss From A Rose” by The Shits
  • “Thomas Campbell” by The Shits
  • “Hey! (It’s The Noise Bois)” by The Shits
  • “Little Bastard” by The Shits
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