31 – Does This Rankle With You?

The Noise Hole with Dave and Joel
The Noise Hole with Dave and Joel
31 - Does This Rankle With You?

It seems the Noise Bois were worried about Glenn Danzig’s employment situation, so Dave and Joel checked in and got WAY MORE than they bargained for. It’s a Danzig-centric episode, with bits of Ozzy and The Ramones tossed in for flavor. The word of the week is “rankled.” When someone says “rankled,” remember to SCREAM REAL LOUD!!!

  • “The Rise Of The Machines” by Jazzy Fruit Johnson and Self Checkout-bot 3000
  • “Glenn, What’s Your Job Today?” by Danzig 
  • “My Hair!” by Danzig
  • “I’m A Snake” by Danzig
  • “I’m Not Eating Cum Anymore (For A Job)” by Danzig
  • What to do if your house gets infested with Danzigs
  • “Tacos!” by Danzig
  • The legend of GlennHelsing
  • “The Danzigs Are Flying” by Terrified Villagers
  • “It’s Danzig Night” by Terrified Villagers fr. Iron Maiden 
  • “It’s Danzig Night” as covered by Ozzy Osbourne 
  • Glenn Danzig asks Ozzy and Sharon for a job
  • Sharon Osbourne is a time witch
  • “My Skills” by Danzig ft. Ozzy Osbourne
  • Ozzy and Sharon have a job for Glenn
  • Ozzy calls Tony Iomi on the Time Phone
  • “Randy Plane” by Ozzy Osbourne 
  • Tony Warns Ozzy of terrible things to come
  • “The Two Jobs I Can’t Do” by Danzig
  • Ozzy finally finds a job that Glenn will do
  • “Ozzy, You Can Count On Me” by Danzig
  • “Lymph Nodes” by Danzig
  • Translating Pee Wee Herman to Mr. Bean
  • What if the Ramones played Beatles songs?
  • The Beatles’ “Yesterday” by The Ramones
  • “(Hey Ho!) You’ve Got To Hide Your Love Away” by The Ramones
  • The Noise Hole was designed to channel psychic energy 
  • “Choose The Form of Your Destructor” by Bowie The Bozerian 
  • “Thanks, Everybody / Hey! (It’s The Noise Bois)” by The Ramones
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